I always saw WATER as a friend. Something that the mountains would produce and give to my family when need be. WATER that followed a path from the tip of the mountain to reach my family in Gundê Eradina. This WATER that allowed me to drink, and allowed me to pray clean. I always saw myself to be friends with the mountains and what the mountains produced for me. I cherished those moments of rain because It flourished my village and the mountains that surrounded me. I wish I was still friends with this WATER because it isn't the same anymore. The rotten apples poisoned the WATER and destroyed my relationship with it. 

As I'm standing on the edge of this body of WATER I'm remembered about the friendly encounters with the WATER. I hope that by doing this my feet can move along with my family in the dark into the WATER. I try so hard for my feet to move into an unknown territory (Greece). With it I pause and remember what the WATER has given me back when life was beautiful in the mountains of Kurdistan. I pray it is the same WATER that provided for me and allowed me to live a beautiful life in my village. Hoping that the rotten apples did not poison the WATER forever, that this WATER will not turn its back on me and my family as we try and reach to freedom. Freedom away from the Turkish soldiers who want us all dead. In my head there was no term for walking with my family in the dark and escaping a country that hated who we were. In my mind there was no way to understand what my family and I were doing when we decided to leave everything behind and walk in the dark to another country. There was no word in my sense of vocabulary that identified moving through an imaginary line that divided the world from each other. As I try and grasp what is happening I know that we cannot go back to those refugee camps, we cannot live as mere animals in our oppressors eyes. And we definitely cannot go back to hiding in the mountains. I have no choice but to trust in what I remember to be the purest WATER that flourished my growth. To trust by being able to take that step into the WATER while praying that this WATER remembers me and provides for me. Provides for me an opportunity to escape to a new life, to a life that  will gradually allow for my identity to not go unnoticed and to start a family. I take that step into the cold body of WATER that is as deep as my pain for my people. I step in this cold, dark, and unknown body of WATER praying that it accepts me and my families struggle to find freedom and independence. I take my steps while also hoping to feel a sense of comfort, where everything will be okay after this. Hoping that our new lives will start now. 

With every push and dark shadow of WATER that forced us to one side, I started to count my steps. I started to count as loud as I can, not realizing the panic that I hear from my brother and his wife trying to carry their newborn son over the body of WATER. I tried my best to break through the blank sheet of darkness to see who was able to make it to the other side. With every family member that felt the land of the Greeks, I thanked the WATER for not turning its back on me. With every family member that felt a sense of new found freedom. I thanked Kurdistan for raising us to be fighters. I thank God for letting me live another day. While I step on to the other side of the WATER and welcome my new life in Greece I realized how brave we truly are and how I will forever keep my relationship with the WATER. 

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This piece is written in my mothers perspective of illegally crossing the border to Greece in 1990. They had to cross a very cold and deep body of WATER to reach the border of Greece as victims of genocide, refugees, and now illegal immigrants. I thank the bravery of my family and all Kurdish families who experienced similar situations to fight for freedom. This experience my family faced could have ended extremely bad, but through this piece, I try and connect the hope of my mother and the trust she has always put into her Kurdistan and her sense of belonging to the mountains and everything that came with it. WATER has always provided for my family and for my country in more ways then I can count, this being one of them. 

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