"No matter how much I pluck and pull them my eyebrows always find their way back to each other" @rupikaur_ 

A past memory and a present struggle of ones who seem to find their way back to each other. Memories of laughing, teasing and bullying at a young age because I was my fathers daughter and it showed. The anger that I had rooted in those long hairs that kept my eyebrows together. The flat out embarrassment I felt looking at myself knowing that I couldn't break my eyebrows apart. The struggle of not being allowed to touch my eyebrows because my parents knew it was an action that was rooted in anger, but as I got older I did anyway. I plucked and plucked away the connection and before I even realized there was barley anything left. Yet my eyebrows still found a way back to each other. It has become a weekly struggle to separate and disconnect the memories of me when my eyebrows played as one. When my thick black unibrow would match my thick black moustache and that would match the patterns of the thick black waves of hair on my arms. Lovers is what they will be separated for now but not forever apart. I will stand as one with all my patterns and waves connecting together showing what I was and forever will be my fathers daughter.

a daughter who is not ashamed to share who she is and where these hairs have come from. Not ashamed to say why my eyebrows can’t seem to separate, they’re too much in love I say. I say this now as if I was aware of the cultural ties that pushed my eyebrows together as one, of the traditions that grew in between my eyebrows like flowers, and the ancestral knowledge that grew within me as each hair came out of hiding. I was a daughter who grew her hair to distract the world from her eyebrows, who wore long sweaters to hide the waves that would wash over her arms in black, who kept her head down as much as possible to hide the moustache that wouldn’t stop showing on her upper lip. I will though, stand as one with all my patterns and waves connecting together showing what I was and forever will be the daughter of Kurdistan.

[This is Me ] 

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