Try and remove borders that are clearly visible, erase history that has been clearly written about, and destroy mountains that echo Kurdish language. Try and destroy villages with the over-used excuse of terrorism, kill children and identify them as terrorist, jail journalist and identify them as supporters to terrorism. Try hiding the Kurdish music that has been sung for years by writing your own versions in your own languages as if we wouldn’t notice. Try forcing different languages down our throats in school and work for the hope that we will forget our native language at home. Try forcing culture and traditions at a young age so we can forget what we are learning at home, to constantly let us know who we are not so we can somehow forget when we are older where we actually came from. Try and forbid the Kurdish language, Kurdish celebrations and Kurdish names too. Claim our victories and laugh at our suffering, tell the world that you are good people but cheer on our destruction, help other countries in need and still continue to kill those next door. I know you’ll try and claim all this as yours and try and tell the world we are just simply mountain people in the four corners of these countries who do not want us to live. I know you’ll try and do all this for the reason of silence and to silence who we are and what we have to say.

It is as simple as this, "If my mother tongue is shaking the foundation of your state, it probably means you built your state on my land" - Apê Musa.

This simply lets us know that our nation story breeds nothing but truth where your governments and countries are fearful of. Fearful of how strong the Kurdish language spreads, how beautiful the Kurdish music can be sung and how determined our people are to live as Kurds with our names, language, traditions, celebrations and culture.To live and to be identified as how we live, to celebrate a family of 35+ million people who speak of only a greater Kurdistan. To finally hear the celebrations of our ancestors to be heard on our land with our borders echoing across the vast landscape of mountains because we are the people of the mountains.

The Kurds.

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