It seems like nowadays stating you are Kurdish comes with nothing, but an unaccepted status without a true identity. Being a Kurd within this generation is seen with no awareness of the oppression, the history, or the true culture of what it means to be Kurdish. I often see Kurds who have assimilated into our oppressor's culture, Kurds who never speak about their Kurdish heritage and Kurds who still continue to deny their identity and their obligation to know about what being a true Kurd really means. 

To truly be a Kurd is to allow yourself the time and openness to educate yourself on what being Kurdish truly stands for. It is to give respect to your elders and allow their experiences and stories to be heard through oral traditions. To allow their experiences be valued and accepted as part of the Kurdish history. Being a true Kurd is to understand the vocabulary and language that is used and understand the idea to deny the oppressors language on our land. To not identify Kurds as part of the oppressors country, but to identify them as part of Kurdistan's four beautiful sides (for example to not say Kurdêt Turkey or Kurdêt Iraqê, but to say Kurdêt Bakur or Kurdêt Bashur). 

To truly be a Kurd is to express what you absolutely love about Kurdistan, but also express your opinions on what you believe we need to change. To never allow oppressors to speak about Kurdistan unjustly and to always stand up for yourself like a true representation of our mountains as strong and as beautiful. To stand up for those who could not speak because all they smelled was apples, to stand up for those who could not stand because all they saw was airplanes attacking their villages, and to stand up for those who could not see because barring the sight of losing their loved ones as out of the question. To acknowledge the bravery and pure hearts of our fighters who protect every inch of Kurdistan. To thank those who fought and those who still remember every inch of those mountains. Being a true Kurd is not just love for our own nation or your own religion, but to support every nation who is struggling, every community who has been oppressed, and every culture who has faced genocide because with support comes love and with love comes with the ability to confidently grow.

Through that it is allowing yourself to love who loves you, to love who supports you, and to love who you truly are because without love nothing can grow. Through the growth of one's self, you will find what the true meaning behind being a Kurd really is and why being a Kurd is the true beauty of your identity. 

- Ale

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& Happy Eid to all (Eida
wa hemîya pîroz dkam)