My father who is in Kurdistan at the moment took this photo in Barzan while paying his out most respects to the incredible leaders. The leaders that spoke to my father in more ways than one giving him the courage to fight along with the pêshmerga during the Saddam era. He prayed for Kurdistan and thanked Mullah Mustafa Barzani for the incredible and brave work he did to fight for Kurdish freedom. My dad experienced something beautiful that day. While the light from the sun was diminishing being laid to rest he still saw the rays of the sun peaking through. The sun of the Kurdistan flag peaked through covering the mountains and the beautiful flowers that handpicked their spot in Barzan. You see even in times when we expect it to be dark with no light guiding us we as the Kurdish community who make up the beautiful Kurdistan are able to see the light every time our flag is flying in the sky. We see the 21 rays that cover every inch of Kurdistan and protect us from the darkness that may fight its way into our mountains. 

 Though darkness often times may fight its way through the beautiful rays of sun in Kurdistan it will never be apart of our rewritten history. We as Kurds need to unite stay strong, hopeful and most of all continue to fight for freedom and peace because we have never given up on our dreams. A dream that is commonly shared throughout Kurdistan of one day allowing that light that is represented by those 21 rays to shine every day without that sudden darkness coming through. While my father was in Barzan the light from the Kurdistan flag continued to shine even in the moments of darkness peaking through while the sun was setting. Without darkness, our light cannot grow as strong and as bright. We as Kurds need to accept these dark times to understand the light that everyone has fought for. We need to continue fighting for those moments of light because it will be the light that wakes us up on the day of independence. The light that will peak through your windows shining brighter than ever to let us Kurds know that the Kurds have won the war of independence. 

My father stands in Barzan acknowledging the light and knowing Kurdistan will soon get its moment to shine forever. 

Bijî Kurd û Bijî Kurdistan