Each rock that was placed on these mountains was for the purpose of protecting my people. For the purpose of protecting my mom from Saddam's regime (baathist regime). For the purpose of protecting my father as he fought on these mountains during the war. The war that my father fought in as he lived on the mountains. The mountains of Kurdistan continue to stand strong to injustice that is placed within this land. These mountains continue to carve out our borders for individuals to finally see that we have already declared these mountains as our own. We have declared each rock that falls off the mountains as a piece of our hearts falling with it. As each rock falls, it symbolizes the Kurdish communities strength and power to build these mountains and take care of it as our own. 

As one rock falls, a Peshermga (Kurdish Army) has fallen.
As one rock falls, a story has been broken. 
As one rock falls, our history has been altered. 
We will protect these mountains with our blood sweat and tears.

When no country wanted to be friends with us, the mountains loved us. 
When no country wanted to see us free, the mountains brought us freedom. 
When countries would make broken promises, the mountains healed our disappointment. 

These mountains were the only protection that we faced from all four sides of our borders. It broke its pieces as protection, it crumbled as a form of love. Nobody can replace what these mountains have given us. We will always run back to these mountains in moments of happiness and despair because without these mountains, Kurdistan would not be as beautiful as it is today. 
The Kurds have learned to trust no country or the promises they give us, but to only trust the mountains and the protection that stays with us. The only friends we have in this world are the mountains, because the mountains will forever be our only friends. 

- Alê

(As Kurds we should never take any people or countries support so blindly. Those countries will never treat us the way the mountains have treated and protected us, remember that. Soon these mountains will be officially declared as the mountains of Kurdistan belonging to the country of Kurdistan)