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How lucky are we to be apart of the true path. A path that led all of us individuals who make up Kurdistan to true independence. As we walk through the path we carry all those before us, we appreciate the blood that spilled for the next generation and we remember those who dreamt of this journey.  

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The dictionary definition of Independence is "not influenced by others in matters of opinion, conduct; thinking or acting for oneself" being "autonomous and free" and "not being dependent upon something else for existence". When reading this definition of independence I think about Kurdistan. The definition of Kurdistan's independence has been written in our history, it is seen within our borders and will be present when true independence is declared for the people of Kurdistan. The definition of true independence will be created when Kurdistan is finally able to change its history. The definition that reflects on Kurdish independence is the heart of Kurdistan, the dreams of its people, and the blood of its fighters coming together to declare independence. 

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It seems like nowadays stating you are Kurdish comes with nothing, but an unaccepted status without a true identity. Being a Kurd within this generation is seen with no awareness of the oppression, the history, or the true culture of what it means to be Kurdish. I often see Kurds who have assimilated into our oppressor's culture, Kurds who never speak about their Kurdish heritage and Kurds who still continue to deny their identity and their obligation to know about what being a true Kurd really means. 

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