I was born into a world that was constantly telling me statistical research about my life and the outcome of it. I grew up in a society hearing about these statistics based on my education and the future of it. I was told year after year how unlikely it was for me to even think about post-secondary education because my parents were refugees and immigrants to Canada. I was told year after year how unlikely it was for me because my parents did not have an education and therefore it was less likely for their children to have one.

I had voices in my head tell me that I couldn't achieve anything because I am my mother and father's daughter and I will only go as far as they did in life. I had allowed these statistics to control my life and therefore I did nothing but constantly be angry and aggressive at school. If I couldn't go to College or University than what was the point in trying to get good grades if the whole world is against me? What was the point in trying to succeed if I was already told that it was not likely for it to happen? That my parents sacrificed their whole lives and escaped genocide, death and war just to be accepted into a country that already had labels placed on them and their children. That the country had already mapped out their children's journey and it was their worst nightmare. 

These statistics only seemed to scare me because living with parents who had high expectations did not understand how the world would not only be against you (mom and dad) but me as first generation Canadians. I took the pressure and fear of failing as motivation to succeed. I challenged myself to throw and ignore those voices inside of my head and place love in my heart that allowed me to find a profession and dream that I cherish and care for and that my parents were proud of. I ignored those statistics that said I could never go to University, saying it was less likely compared to other students. I ignored those teachers who determined the level of my knowledge based on my aggression and anger. Never even asking why I was so angry all the time, but thought that was all I could end up as. I ignored those guidance counsellors who thought my decision to try to be placed in harder classes in high school wasn't a good idea for me because "College-level classes would be better for me". I ignored those voices and only did what I could to change the outcome of my life and change it for the better. In the middle of grade 10 I switched my classes to University level classes and succeeded, I got accepted into the Universities I applied for with Scholarships. 

I speak of this experience to say this, as I'm entering Teachers College and successfully finished my undergrad after 4 years of University I could have listened to those statistics and thought that these people who research such topics knew more about my life than me. That my life was already planned out for me and all I had to do was follow the path that was already drawn. I could have listened to those teachers and stayed angry and aggressive thinking that this was all I was good for. Or I could have listened to my guidance counsellor and stuck with applied (college level subjects) because he said that I couldn't do any better. I could have listened to teachers telling me that is unsafe for me to go to Kurdistan, missing out on the experience of a lifetime, BUT I DIDN'T.

I knew I had to determine my own path at a young age and knew that if I didn't fight for my path and dreams, no teacher or guidance counsellor would do it for me no matter how much they got paid. I destroyed the path that was already drawn for me from the moment I took my first breath on this earth and made a new one. I did this myself and I choose to listen to my parents and not those statistics that were yelling in my ear at a young age. 

As I enter my fifth year of University, AND my last year. I want to say ignore those statistics because they don't mean anything when you have aspirations and dreams that you can fight for. Prove them wrong because they will be sorry for not believing in you and choosing to side against you.  

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