How lucky are we to be apart of the true path. A path that led all of us individuals who make up Kurdistan to true independence. As we walk through the path we carry all those before us, we appreciate the blood that spilled for the next generation and we remember those who dreamt of this journey.  

Kurdistan's referendum is the beginning of the journey of independence. As we vote yes, we vote yes thinking about Mullah Mustafa Barzani and the revolution that took place in the past. we vote yes thinking about Qazi Mohammed speech. We vote yes thinking about all those individuals who died in the hands of our oppressors in Bashur, Bakur, Rojhelat, and Rojava.

This journey to independence is much more than any political gathering or separation of our people. We vote yes because we are Kurdish. A Kurd who looks past any political goal and only looks at the true goal of independence. A goal that has been embedded into our minds ever since we were just children. We dreamt of independence for our parents and the genocide they faced during the Anfal campaigns. We dreamt of independence every day thinking about those who we lost, and those who we wish we could see again. We dreamt of independence because we know with a country we will be free from oppressors, genocide, and discrimination.  

This referendum will create a true journey for independence because we have waited too long. It's our time to declare those mountains that are rightfully ours. To declare those cities that have been left behind and to open the doors for all people of all religions who support Kurdistan.

- Alê

September 25th will be the day where we take that step towards our independence and rightfully so. Vote yes for your parents, your grandparents, and for greater Kurdistan. 

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