Mom has always been a distant word for me, a word that seemed so foreign that I could not label you as because you were much more. You weren't "Mom" as my friends in school would call their parents, but you were always Dadê or Adâ. You went by words that were rooted in a variety of stories that categorized your life, you were rooted in culture, and in a powerful language that were created to describe everything you are in Kurdish.

You gave and sacrificed. You cried and asked why. You fought and won. 

You were Adâ because you were able to break off your roots in a land that was once dangerous and constantly smelled of apples. You broke off your roots in a land that called for you crying for you to return, but you knew that you had to leave. You carried those roots on your back to a new place that you hoped you could replant again. However, you knew that as you carry these broken roots on your back in the mountains away from the smell of apples and warplanes that you probably left unbreakable roots back in your homeland that you will forget. That will disappear because you could not carry them with you and that scared you the most. Forgetting and not being able to remember who you were back when life was simple. 

Even with such fears and lack of memory that you have you were able to protect and fight by constantly replanting your roots and breaking them to travel to a new country. Not for you, but for your children. You broke yourself each time, you cried and asked why each time, and you gave and sacrificed each time not for yourself but you fought and won to place your children in a new life. A life that didn't smell of apples, a life that didn't see warplanes everywhere they turned, and a life that didn't restrict everything you did. 

You weren't simply my mom as many others might put it, but you were much more because of the roots that you shared with me. You carried Kurdistan on your back and gave it to me to bring back home for you. Even with the broken roots and missing memories that have been forgotten in the land that we call home I learned about my culture, language, history, and families stories from you. I received my strong nature to fight for everything, and my emotional love for everything I hold dear to me from you. You are not only my Adâ, but my whole heart and everything beautiful about me. 

Happy Mothers Day Adâ

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