"I believe that Kurdistan will give up just about any place, but there is not a Kurd,  not even one single noble Kurd, that will give up Kirkuk" - Mam Jalal. 

We have struggled, given up, and died for Kurdistan. We have cheered, celebrated, and praised in all four parts of Kurdistan. We cried, prayed, and screamed with just the mere thought of losing Kurdistan.

We cry with the mountains surrounding us soaking up the water to give life to the next generation. We pray with the mountains surrounding us hearing our prayers by growing stronger and faster against our oppressors, our enemies. We scream with the mountains surrounding us echoing our calls so the world can finally hear us. 

to hear our message that we will never give up Kirkuk. Kirkuk has the rightful place in the hearts of every Kurdish citizen. We will cry, pray, and scream knowing that our voices will eventually be heard and our Kirkuk will be returned to us. We have fought long and hard for the recognition that is placed upon us today. We will fight even harder, pray harder, and scream louder to bring Kirkuk back to the peaceful and accepting borders of Kurdistan. 

Resistance and the strength to fight has been embedded in the mountains before I was born. The cries of our ancestors are still being seen with the plants that still continue to grow and the waters still continue to follow in moments of dryness. The prayers of our ancestors are still being known with the strength and presence of the mountains and the screams of our ancestors that still continue to echo in between the mountains telling us...

To never give up Kurdistan. To never lose any part of our land to our oppressors and enemies & to always remember Kirkuk is and forever will be where our hearts reside.  

Kirkukê Dilê Kurdistanê 

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