I often sit and think about how incredible God created us Kurds, with such beautiful qualities and characteristics. We were created with nothing, but love. Love for our mountains, our people, our language, and everything in between. The love we have for our country is truly one of a kind because with each passing generation our love grows stronger and even more passionate. I have experienced this love along with the rest of my country and even with all our enemies denying our existence, we continue to grow stronger and love harder. 

However, Is it really love when we write about Kurdistan being our home and the mountains being our friends when we trash the mountains with our garbage and leftovers? 

Is it really love when we say, "the mountains are our only friends" but don't take care of the mountains or protect them? Is it really love when we pray for an accepting nation, but go and kill animals in the streets or the mountains?

Is it really love when we state that Kurds should never be divided, but we demonize and restrict women within the community? Is it really love when we pray for an independent Kurdistan, but contribute in all of these wrong doings within our community? 

I sit and reflect on the amount of love we state we have in our country and with one another, but some individuals actions never reflect it. We have been oppressed throughout many generations, we have cried for our freedom, fought for our rights and our protection within the mountains, yet we still treat our land like it's nothing.

We (as the Kurdish community in general) throw our trash on the beloved mountains that our parents used as protection against Saddam's regime. We throw our trash while we are in the mountains celebrating Newroz (Kurdish New Year), but don't even have the respect for our land to pick it up and dispose of it. Yet we love Kurdistan?

We kill animals that have always been a significant part of our culture because we believe that animals don't have the same value as humans. We kill animals for pleasure and we kill animals out of anger. Yet we love Kurdistan?

Is it really love if you are sitting down and reading this telling yourself you have done these things? Love Kurdistan wholeheartedly, love every piece of it, respect every inch of it, and value every individual in its land and borders because without the love we hold for our land those mountains, people, and animals won't be able to grow in such hate and we as a country won't be able to grow in such conditions. 

- Ale

I do apologize for not posting frequently I had family come for my cousin's wedding and I wanted to spend as much time as I can with them. As some of my family members left and the house is quiet I have time to really sit down and write for you guys.

writing this post I wanted to come back stronger than ever.

I hope you enjoy!