The dictionary definition of Independence is stated as "not influenced by others in matters of opinion, conduct; thinking or acting for oneself" being "autonomous and free" and "not being dependent upon something else for existence". When reading this definition of independence I think about Kurdistan and how the definition of Kurdistan's independence has been written in our history, it is seen within our borders and will be present when true independence is declared for the people of Kurdistan. The definition of true independence will be created when Kurdistan is finally able to change its history. The definition that reflects on Kurdish independence is the heart of Kurdistan, the dreams of its people, and the blood of its fighters coming together to declare independence. 

You see, through everything that my people have been through, through the consent battle of fighting to just merely exist in our oppressor's eyes to declaring those rightful borders as ours is something that reflects on more than just being independent. Through the constant genocide, constant oppression, and constant enemies on all four sides independence will be shown as a gift to us Kurds because we fought when no one knew we were alive. We fought when Saddam attacked every village, we fought when Assad did not allow the Kurdish language to be spoken, we fought when Erdogan would kill children calling them terrorists, we fought when any form of Kurdish celebration would get you killed in Rojhelat. 

We dreamt for independence not because we believed that it was something that would only be possible in our dreams, but we dreamt because we knew that there will be a time when the world will see what we knew all along. The Kurds are the true protectors and lions of Kurdistan, through every side, every inch, and every border we fought not only to protect ourselves but to protect every individual, religion, celebration, and coroner of Kurdistan. We have become the light in the middle east and as true as our sun can be, as pure as our blood can bleed we will always be fighters. 

Fighters with each passing generation because we were never taught to back down. Our parents fought for their existence and their chance to stay alive when the world kept silent and barrels of apples kept flying. Our parents fought when they left everything behind in the mountains to step out into the unknown world. We as the next generation continue to fight so our parent's struggles don't go down in vain. We fight so our country can taste the freedom and independence and we will continue to fight for that dream to come true.   

because without the dreams of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, Qazi Mohamad, and Abdullah Ocalan we would be nothing. Our independence will come and our definition will forever stay true. We will forever celebrate because nothing will ever stop us from declaring what we (Kurds) already know to be. The world will find out what Kurdistan is truly all about.

- Alê

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