Babû why are my eyes itching,
please tell me why are my eyes turning red?
why do I keep coughing,
Its hard to breathe Babû please save me.
why can't I feel your warmth while in your arms
why is your loving grip slowly disappearing?
Please tell me you're still breathing Babû..
Babû speak to me...
tell me everything will be alright
tell me that the smell of these apples are the signs of spring and new beginnings
tell me that we will go back to preparing for the Kurdish New Year with my mother and siblings. 

Babû the smell of these apples are growing stronger, I don't think I can hold on much longer. I don't think I have the strength to live through this. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I had to die like this and that you had to die with me... I know much you wanted a son. I know how much you prayed every day to the skies for a son. Praying that God will finally gift you with one so you can experience an unbreakable love. I'm sorry babû that our love broke so fast because of those apples. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough, I just couldn't breathe those apples didn't let me breathe... Why Babû why?

I know how much you wanted to save me because of how much you wanted me. Even before I was given to you, I heard you Babû, I heard your prayers. I was coming home to you, and I knew in your arms that is where my home was. 

You thought they were just bombs, bombs that would rise to the sky and not roam on the ground. You thought you were safe if you just took me in the basement for shelter. I believe you babû... I know that if you knew why the smell of apples grew in our beautiful town that you would have done things differently. I believe you.

I'm going to shut my eyes now... I'm too tired for this. Close them with me Babû let us fly the mountains together... Let us say goodbye to this pain and suffering and be free again live life the way Kurds were supposed to live. 

It's okay Babû don't cry for me. I am happy here, I can breathe again because  I'm with you flying through the mountains of Kurdistan. I can see again without my eyes itching and turning red, I'm alive. Don't feel bad because I didn't have a childhood. I'm with you, I heard your prayers when you cried to God calling for me and I came Babû. I came for you so you experience the love of having a son, and you did.

We can close our eyes together today on March 16, 1988, and as I close my eyes I know I have your loving grip around me and the warmth of your body on me. Thank you Babû, and now we can fly together. Forever in your warmth surrounded by the mountains looking down at my beautiful town still standing. 

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