We look to history books to take a glimpse of the past hoping that we can read about truth and how our people lived during certain time periods. Hoping to grasp a single moment that has been stopped and a single moment that provided freedom and strength. We take in each word as pure truth and each author as pure knowledge, we put these words into our mind and wait for the subject to be brought up with friends/family. We look to art as the most popular and truest form of expression that can give us a true glimpse into the past. That can give us an idea of life and how people lived with each brush stroke. We look to art to bring a message to its audience by allowing a group of individuals to be side by side analyzing and dissecting the art work for what it is and explaining to each other the message that they witness.

However, no history book and no paint stroke can portray the skill and the creation of Kurdish women who use their fingers to weave Kurdish rugs. Who create images and symbols as a form of expression, an expression of culture and traditions that join Kurdish women together side by side to create apart of Kurdistan.

As each finger is placed to weave with the ability to create in between the strings like a blank canvas. As each hand moves with threads of various colours in between the strings like a blank canvas it is made to remember. Kurdish women weave their stories, their traditions, and culture with their fingers to create a story through colours, symbols and patterns to bring back a moment in time that gets hidden and pushed under rugs. These symbols and patterns will forever be part of our traditions and cultures as these rugs are used to form groups of story tellers who sit around in circles drinking their ça (tea) and dipping their Kurdish bread into mûst (yogurt) telling each other oral stories about our history that will not be written in history books and not used as art in art galleries. These rugs allow the welcoming of visitors and the sense of family gatherings to take place in their presence. For the colours that the Kurdish women have weaved with their skillful fingers to bring light to a room in moments of darkness and to bring comfort in the moments that your toes meet the grip of the rug as you sit and listen to the conversations being told.

As we spend time analyzing history books to learn about Kurdistan stop and look at these beautiful creations and how one strand of thread can speak millions without a single word being written. How one rug can be a million paint strokes without a single brush being used. As Kurdish women continue to create with each finger another story is shared, As Kurdish women continue to weave another moment, tradition has been remembered. A single finger has a million stories to share and each hand has a lifetime to create. Lets create those moments of story telling and oral traditions while we sit around in a welcoming circle and ask those around has how much sugar they want in their ça (tea) before the story starts.

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