That Bullet was used by Saddam Husseins regime to kill my mothers home, it was used to destroy her life. That Bullet was created for the purpose of destroying Kurdistan. To destroy the unconditional love and connection the Kurds had for their homeland, but Alhumdiallah even with the fallen rocks that used to be stacked on top of each other that protected my mother and her family she can still stand on top of the fallen rocks with tears streaming down her face. Tears of joy that she is able to still remember her life as a child in this village, tears of joy because even though no one lives on this mountain, her memories of this beautiful village will continue to live on. As she will pass on the stories to her children about what life was like before that Bullet was created. Before life was destroyed by Bullets just like this, and I'll forever keep this Bullet to remember the beautiful day in Kurdistan where I stepped on the same path my mother stepped on at my age. 

- Ale