Let the flowers bloom in between the layers of the earth like the layers of your skin. let the flowers bloom in cracks and creeks of neighbourhoods like its hiding from the destruction of human kind. Let the flowers bloom with hope and confidence like it will last forever and never fade away. With petals that can fly after the death of a flower to find a new place to collect its power. Let the flowers bloom in the midst of destruction and war like its battling to be noticed. Battling for a spot in this world through the layers of the earth and the rooting of the seed and soil. Battle to fight for life in the streets of death and decay, and in cities of rubble and dirt. Just notice me in the moments of destruction and I will grow beautifully when its all over… I promise.

Let me bloom without the fear of destruction and war, let me bloom without the fear of smelling apples all over me. Let me live and flourish to show you the beauty that is hidden underneath you, in between you, and in the cracks that you don’t think to look. Let me bloom so I can allow myself to see what my dreams were like in my sleep. Let me bloom again and again to provide a small sense of beauty beside the mountains that protect you and allow you to bloom. Allow me to provide guidance and confidence, look at me when the world is falling apart and when the world only knows the words death and war. Look at me to remember that anyone can bloom anywhere, in any crack, any layer, and in any place that it wishes. Allow yourself to dream because once you dream you bloom. Dream and bloom forever within your life because I will always notice you in the moments of destruction like you noticed me…so grow beautiful flower. Bloom because the war is all over… I promise.

photo credits: @dashnimoradofficial

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