This is where my families history had journeyed toward. This is where the Kurdish history had journeyed towards, the journey toward freedom, acceptance, and equality. However, the journey was not where Bakur was placed upon. Bakur (North Kurdistan) did everything in their power to protect the Kurds, but the visitors of our land did everything they could to dehumanize and belittle the Kurds. The Kurds who ran for the mountains during the time of genocide and death by Saddam. However, the so-called "leader" did nothing to allow freedom for my people. All he installed was more fear and sadness. 

My parents who lived in the Amed camp from 1988 to 1990, had experienced troubling times upon the streets that were named as Turkish. These Kurds were visitors in their own land, soil, and mountains because this land was declared to be Turkey. My parents lived in a ruling where outside those walls that divided the Kurds from society was no place for Kurds at all. The Kurds, like my father, who went out of the so-called protection of the walls to find jobs, money or food for his family was presented with the Turkish army attacking anything in relation to the idea of Kurdistan. The army attacked Kurds on sight without explanation and justification not allowing for the native language to be spoken in their own soil.

The government, as told by my grandfather who was also in this camp, would hand out food such as bread to the refugees. However, often times some of the pieces of bread carried poison of some sort along with it. This was a way of slowly eradicating and destroying the Kurds. Imagine running away from a dictator who killed Kurds by using forceful violence and chemicals to be led by another dictator who was using forceful violence and poison to get rid of the Kurds. My parents experienced violence, inequality, and forceful discipline because they were Kurdish. Living in their homeland of Kurdistan without ever feeling like a home because of these so-called leaders.

However, Bakur was a piece of Kurdistan and will always be. We declared these lands before such dictators and so-called leaders were announced. Bakur took care of my family through the nurturing, the protection, and the acceptance within the Refugee camp. Where the Kurds were all united and experiencing it all as one. Even with the forceful violence that was implemented the Kurds continued to stick together. The Kurds continue to remember each other, the memories they shared, the celebrations they created, and the weddings that were presented. Bakur protected my parents, Amed created strength in my parents, and Kurdistan continued to love my parents. Within those walls that divided the Kurds from society were walls that protected the culture and tradition, it created love and allowed it to grow. It created strength and the future within the next generation. 

United we stand, growing together in a garden of red, yellow, white, and green flowers

- Ale

Unfortunately, after visiting the Refugee camp in Amed I did not take a lot of photos because I was told by the guy at the hotel my father and I stayed at that a lot of people will just grab your phones on the street and in your pockets so I left my phone in the hotel room. I did take a lot of videos, but there's no way for me to add videos to blog posts. 

The photo was also taken on my way to Amed from Duhok in 2014.