The olive trees have been known to grow. To grow with strong roots, strong branches, and even stronger stems. The olive trees have been known to grow. To grow with incredible texture and a strong taste. A taste of resistance, freedom, and strength. 

These olive trees are not trees to declare war. These olive trees are not the trees to freely destroy without consequence. The people who planted these trees that handpicked a land that is free allowed these trees to grow as strong as they could. 

these are trees that grow to protect a city and its people from men who allow these olive trees to bleed. From men who laugh at these olive trees crying. Who wait to count how many olives fall down these trees and smile. 

I speak to you to let these men know that there is something special about these olive trees that you declare and point your guns at. These trees with the strong branches, strong stems rise up. 

These olive trees I speak so highly of are the women who rise up against these men. The women who point their guns back at these men. Who protect cities, families, and children from the bloody guns of these men. These are the women who pick up those olives and place them back on the tree to allow them to grow freely and even more powerful than ever. 

Let us women rise up. Let us women rise up for the city of Afrin and the beautiful people who have been living in freedom and peace before these olive trees were attacked. The city who allows the freedom of trees to grow and who embrace and grieve the bloody flowers of red in their land. 

Let us raise and stand up for all of Afrin. Let the world know that the female voices of the world have risen for Afrin and its strong olive trees to fight back the oppression. 

Let us Echo the names of the people in Afrin 

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