My father who strongly and proudly holds the Kurdistan flag as he is wearing traditional Kurdish clothing. He holds one side of the flag while I, his daughter hold the other. We are standing together holding the flag of freedom, the flag of independence, and the flag of Kurdistan. 

As I am holding this flag I think about all the stories, traditions, culture, and language my father had gifted me with. It was his dream to take care of his children and teach them the dream of Kurdistan. As I stand beside my father with the Kurdistan flag in between us I want to thank him for teaching me the importance of accepting my Kurdish identity. The importance of dreaming because all we could do was dream of Kurdistan and to dream of better days. He walks proudly representing his generation of dreamers and I walk proudly representing the generation of mine. I walk proudly knowing that everything I learned, I learned from the man who would do anything for his land and his people. A man who dreamed of going back to Kurdistan with his family to start a new life there, who wanted nothing, but freedom for his country.

My father and I walk together holding the beauty of the sun, praying for the blood of the peshmerga, and reflecting on the beautiful nature of the mountains. Though my father has lived a longer life than me our dream is still one. 

Our dream is what generations before us dreamt about, what the peshmergas fight for, and what rightfully belongs to us. Nobody can take away our right and our reality from us because we had declared those lands before you people knew about its beauty. We had celebrated our traditions before you knew who we were. As I stand here by my father who is a  peshmerga, a son, a brother, and an uncle I dream the same. Though I do not feel the same I can only imagine the pain and struggle of having to leave his roots behind and start fresh in another country. To fight every day to keep the Kurdish dream, traditions, culture, and language alive in his children as the next generation.  

We both hold this flag representing separate generations of the same blood. Holding the same dream, same identity, and the same ethnicity I share this moment with my father as a way of letting him know that his struggles created a strong independent Kurdish woman who will do anything to see that flag represented on a world stage as the newly declared country called "Kurdistan". 

Bijî Kurd û Kurdistan

- Alê

As I write this Diary entry my father is on his way to Kurdistan. He left to vote on September 25th for the referendum of Kurdistan. If that does not show true dedication to Kurdistan I don't know what will. Love you Bab, Insha'allah Salamatî ghîya malâ xou. 

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