My Crazy 2017 Recap

Hey Gûls🌸

I really wanted to recap my crazy year of 2017 with you guys. I've seen this all over individuals blogs and found it really interesting to see how our year is collected in moments that stand out to us allowing us to remember them forever (well maybe). 

This year was the year of Ls for me. Literally! Though some of the things I lost this year it definitely allowed me to change myself for the better and continue to purse my dreams and goals in life.Anyways, I don't want to get too sappy emotional for you guys because I know my sisters will make fun of me for it, but lets just say IM HAPPY 2018 IS HERE!


Id definitely have to start with the day I created this website to write blog content. Its amazing how it started from something really small through writing short pieces on Instagram about Kurdistan and my parents war stories. It turned into something that I am really passionate about and striving to succeed in my eyes. 

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This website started with the purpose of bringing awareness to my people and my parent's stories not allowing their struggles to be forgotten. A way for me to express my emotions with what my parents tell me through oral traditions and sharing it with the people who love to read my work ( which are posted on The Dairy Of A Kurdish Woman) From there I branched out and expressed my self through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts sharing with you guys all aspects of my life. 

Creating this website and the blog posts for you guys was probably the best thing I did for myself in 2017 & I definitely still want to thank a person who was in my life at the time for motivating me to create it and helping me look past the fears of putting myself out there. 

seems like it was years ago... 

#2 Having The BEST Summer EVER!


I can definitely say that Summer 2017 was probably the most fun I've had in awhile. Not only did I get to enjoy time off school, BUT I also had family that I've missed come and visit. We had my cousins sar Xana (click HERE to read about it) and his wedding (click HERE to read about it) during the summer. because of his wedding I was able to see my aunt from Germany along with her family and my baby cousin who I did not meet yet. I was able to see and experience the most amazing time with my Aunt from Europe who I have not seen in 17 years. I met her once in Kurdistan in 2000, but that was it. This was amazing for me because when I was younger she was my favourite aunt (sorry to all my other aunts out there lol). I saw her again and got to meet her 3 children. I had cousins from America come to visit, and my cousins, aunt and uncles from Winnipeg come to visit. The house was definitely a FULL HOUSE! But I would not change it for a thing! Defintely a memory to last a life time. 



As a post-secondary student school has been something that has taken a large part of my life. Being in a 5 year program is hard work, which I take extreme pride in knowing that I was able to do this because of my parents. 2017 was filled with L's in regards to school and situations that were out of my control, but I am happy that I was able to enter my 4th year of University AND my last year being in this campus. I hope that my 2018 recap I am able to talk about how I will be graduating soon, letting you guys know that I finally booked my ONE WAY TICKET TO KURDISTAN! 



2017 was definitely a year for Kurdistan. Letting the world know about our freedom and rights. reminding them our oppression and struggles and saying yes to an independent Kurdistan. This was definitely the highlight of 2017. I along with millions of other Kurds had the ability to vote yes for an independent Kurdistan and celebrate. Long live my beautiful homeland and its people. 


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This is probably a big 2017 recap for me. I did a lot of things that I definitely regret, people that I hurt who I did not mean too & friends that I made that I wish never took so much emotional energy out of me. BUT I can say that through all these difficult moments in my life being my lack of knowledge on how I was truly treating someone and the impact I had on them to understanding what I needed to work on and what I needed to do to not allow individuals to take advantage of my amazing qualities as a friend. When you lose a lot you also gain so much more insight and knowledge into your place in the world and who you are moving forward. 

I hope this can inspire some of you to understand yourself through self care, love, and wellness. To know where you are, where you want to go and who can help you get there. Those who cannot help or support you don't deserve to be receiving your positive energy. Those who bring you down causing you to blame everything on yourself and overthink constantly is not what you need in your life, It was not what I needed and because of this I was able to take myself out of the situation and continue to better myself. 

If you are in certain situations where you just need someone to talk to please feel free to direct message me on any of my social medias!! IM HERE FOR YOU! 

Thank you 💜 

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