Golden Hour is the Best Hour

When they say golden hour is the best hour they weren't kidding. 


Hey Dreamers, I want to share with you dreamers pictures that I took with the view of my city during Golden Hour. Gets some inspiration to get ready like I did and just leave your house to have fun and take some beautiful pictures of family or friends. Get out of your comfort zone if you enjoy getting ready and having a good time DO IT! 


When taking picture during golden hour it is all about the glow and showcasing that with a little help from the sun. The highlight I was wearing today was a combination of products. First being the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight with Armezy along with the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight "Bubbly" in the "That Glow" Glow Kit. It made for the perfect glow to the skin. I loved every picture that I got this day because of how perfect the sun was hitting my skin.


The shirt I am wearing is from fufucreations in the "Ashti" t-shirt. (CLICK HERE) I absolutely love this shirt and the peace symbol around the 21 rays of our sun. The best shirt to wear during golden hour... Am I right? 

Can we say EXTRA? 



Don't be afraid to be yourself and embrace what you love. Being comfortable in your own skin is probably the best way to feel comfortable around people who might be starring when you take pictures. DO YOU AND LIVE!


I love these pictures, and definitely because of the beautiful sun it made these pictures that more amazing. Showcasing the features I love and allowed me to embrace myself. I feel the 21 rays shining on me and Im enoying every minute of it. 

I hope you all enjoyed looking at these pictures, and if this gives you inspiration to get ready and go out when you are at home to take some pictures for your Instagram or to make you feel good DO IT!

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