My 23rd Birthday | Gifts

Hey Dreamers,

Another year and another day of celebrations and birthday wishes. A lot of you wanted to see what I received from the amazing people in my life. Thank you to anyone who wished my a Happy Birthday, and those who gifted me with something, I appericate it and will cherish it forever. If you didn’t know I turned 23 years old on November 14th and celebrated with my friends and family by going to dinner. I received a lot of amazing gifts that I want to share with you all to help you with gifts for your friends/family who might have similar interests as me.

Lets Get Started!



The beauty products I received were products that I’ve been wanting for so long. The first product was the 39A Dare to Create Morphe Palette it has amazing colours that are diverse to create a lot of cool looks on the eyes. It has interesting colours that I do not have in my other makeup palettes. I love how they have the larger pans for transition colours that are going to be used a lot with different eye looks no matter what it is. It is going to be a staple palette for me to dare myself to try new things and new looks with the colours.

The next palette that I got was the Jaclyn Hill palette, which is probably the palette that I’ve been dying to get ever since it was first released. The variety of colours in the palette are so pretty. It makes me get excited about creating different looks depending on what I want for the day. If its colourful or natural there are so many options in this palette to make it happen. Next palette that I would love to get is her vault collection, if I end up improving on my eyeshadow skills I would love to have that in my collection to try new colours.

Another beauty product that I received is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler from Sephora. I got this product from my sister, but she didn’t realize I have the same eyelash curler that I’ve been using for months. Though, this is the best eyelash curler that I’ve used. My best friend told me how obsessed she was and I had to purchase it. I’m glad that I have two now because if anything happens to the other one I have a back up eyelash curler that I can use or take with me when I start traveling after graduation.

Another beauty product I received was the Body Shop Coca Body Butter. It feels so amazing, its perfect to have on my table when Im working on my laptop to use any places that I feel might be dry due to this Canadian weather. Did I say it smells AMAZING?


Room Decor:

I was gifted with a lot of room decor pieces and other small gifts. The first gift was a photo that my sister gifted me which says “Pride & Passion Grown Here”. This is something that I would definitely put on my desk for motivation when I’m doing homework for school or even writing blog posts for this website. Knowing the pride and passion that I’ve created for myself in regards to school and this blog where I can come and write about anything I want without the fear of judgement, it definitely speaks wonders for me.

The other little piece I received is this keychain that has a dream catcher on it, which is reflecting on Aboriginal traditions here in Canada. My sister bought this in Alberta when they went on vacation. This keychain is a 100% Native owned, which is amazing because I only ever want to support Aboriginal cultures and traditions for the communities themselves who created them. I have another dream catcher that is placed in my room where I got from the Winona Peach festival last year from a shop that was run by Aboriginal ladies. I went again this year and got traditional earrings, which I am absolutely obsessed with.

I was gifted with a super cute mug that says “Im a teacher what’s your super power?”, which is the cutest thing ever. I love the colour and the size of the mug, not too big or too small. I have yet to buy some type of coffee that I would enjoy every morning, but when I do this will be the first mug that I use because its me in a mug.

Another gift I got was this really cute frame for my bedroom. Its sliver with this really cool design around the picture that goes in the middle. It matches perfectly with the colours of my bedroom, which is a plus. I still don’t know what I am going to put inside of it, but I am thinking a picture of my beautiful cat and I because I love her and she’s my child, but Im open for suggestions (and I did think of Popeyes, but I was called crazy for thinking that) comment down below letting me know the type of photo I can add.

I also got a Polaroid album for the extra Polaroid pictures that don’t make it onto my wall. Its mostly photos that did not come out the way I was hoping or extra photos that I have no where else to put. Im hoping to maybe add notes on what happened that day or stickers to add to the album. I love the marble look of it, its so pretty and is something that I’ve been obsessed with for awhile. If you go and check out my beauty posts you will know I use a marble background for my flat lay photos that I purchased off Amazon.


I also received this notebook that says “Don’t make me use my Teacher voice”, which is the funniest thing I ever seen. It is just a regular notebook that I can have on my desk and write down to-do list for any important information I need to keep. This will be a good addition to have once I graduate and start to get into my profession. I’m excited to use and buy other supplies that I need for my future desk. This notebook and the mug would go perfectly with each other, I love it.

Another gift I received is hanging photo clip mobile. It is something you hand on your ceiling or any other area in your room and attach photos. I would probably attach Polaroid photos or other photos that I developed to be added to this. I don’t know yet where I am going to put it, but I love the idea because it reminds me of a chandelier. I’ll probably be adding photos of my cat and I and put it right by my bed so I can look at her and fall asleep to her beautiful face.

Another gift I received is these Sephora Nail stickers that you add on to your nails instead of having to go get your nails done or do paint your nails, which is something I hate the most in this world. I’m not really a nail person I wish I had the time or money to get my nails down and to shape them and paint them a colour. I haven’t tried these nail stickers before, but I think its a great alternative for people like me who hate the process of doing your nails.

I got quite a few candles for my birthday, which I’m definitely not mad about. I got two Fruits&Passion brand candles one in sea salt and Amalfi lemon and the other in orange cantaloup. I also got another candle in bourbon vanilla, which smells amazing. Vanilla scents are always number one for me, but I got to say the sea salt and Amalfi lemon candle smells incredible. It smells so good I can’t get enough of it, I kinda don’t even want to burn it so It doesn’t waste on me. If I could have a specific scent that I want every person I meet to smell like and this would be it hands down. IT SMELLS AMAZING!

I have a bunch of candles from Bath and Body Works that I still have from last years crazy annual sale, but I was quickly running out so its perfect to have gotten 3 new candles to use. I definitely want to keep the vanilla candle on my desk as some sort of decor as well because its white and matches my desk and everything else on my desk perfectly.



I also got a bunch of different shirts that are good shirts to start wearing in the professional environment that I will be in, thanks to my sister. BUT this shirt that I freaked out when I saw is the TLC shirt from Zumiez. If you know me, you know I live for TLC and their music. I love every member in the group and I love the messages and variety of fashion that showcased in their music and music videos. They are the number one American female group in my eyes, I wish they were still creating music together. As most of you know Left eye (the middle one) passed away and so certain events like this often draw my connection to people and their music. My sister knows how much I love them and so she bought me this sweater. IT SCREAMS 90S!

I also got a customized Russ sweater from my friend. Its a pink sweater with a picture of russ on the side its such a comfortable shirt I’ve already worn it to bed and it already has cat hair on it. Another thing my friend got me is A Star Is Born CD If you know me you know I’ve watched that movie twice already and cried so hard in the theatres. Probably my favourite movie and soundtrack I listen to it all the time so now I can listen to it in the car too.

Another gift I received was also a dynamite gift card because my sister knows that store is the only place I can shop at for professional clothing that I need. It was perfect because I need clothing especially after I graduate.

That is everything I received for my birthday, thank you to everyone to wished me a happy birthday and to those who took the time to give me a gift. I appericate it and thank you to those who took the time to read this blog and were interested to know what I got.


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