My 2018 Recap

It’s crazy to think another year has gone by and we are quickly approaching 2019. I did this similar blog post last year where I did a recap of events that were memorable for me in that specific year if you want to read about my crazy 2017 recap CLICK HERE.. I decided to do another blog post like this and recap memorable events that happened in 2018. I always think its good to reflect back on your year and see what you have accomplished and what yearly goals you want to accomplish for the next year.

completed my Undergrad

Completing my undergrad year (4 years) at Brock University is probably the most memorable for me. Not only because I survived 4 years of University, but I did it even though I commuted everyday to University. My commute to University ranged from 40 minutes to an hour being the go-bus, city buses, and even a car I managed to get through 4 years and stick with it. I also managed to complete my undergrad even when I had school and family problems that made it difficult for me to concentrate. My confidence level and motivation changed over the course of the 4 years and I am so happy that I was able to complete what I set out in the beginning to complete.

Starting Teachers College

Starting teachers college (Teacher Education) and getting this far is a big deal for me, especially for someone who never thought they would make it. Knowing that this will be my last year that I will be a student for the whole year is crazy to think. I will be graduating in June and will hopefully be working in a classroom in the future. Teachers college has definitely helped me to decide who I am as a person and the type of teacher I want to be and certain things I want to change. I just finished my first block where I was placed in a classroom and taught the students, I couldn’t be more happier with the school and classroom I was placed in. The students made me so excited to teach them everyday and made me even more excited to have my own classroom in the future. This school year so far has been a year of change and a year of friendship and I am so happy to have the people I have in my life right now and the friendships I created at school.

Published Writer?


I would definitely say if someone asked me 2 years ago if I would be a writer with my own blog I would have thought they were joking with me, but If someone asked me I would have my work published in a magazine I would think they were actually crazy. I had an opportunity to share my writing with a larger audience and platform, which was @LynxMagazine. I was apart of their spring edition, which was their first one and had two pieces that I wrote within the magazine. I was shocked when I got the news that not only one piece was added, but two of my pieces were. It took awhile for me to actually get the physical copy of the magazine, but when I did it became a clear sense of what I accomplished. I didn’t tell my parents about it because I didn’t want to get their hopes up if It didn’t work out, but seeing their reaction when they saw my pieces in the magazine was amazing. Especially showing my father the piece I wrote about him and his story, he hugged me and said thank you.

I’m apart of Lynx Magazines Fall Edition that is already out you can order the magazine, but messaging them. I have not gotten my physical copy yet, but when I do I will definitely share with you on my Instagram ( Follow me to see the piece that has been added to their fall edition magazine.


Being apart of an association is a memorable event for me not only because I always wanted to do more for Kurdistan and the Kurdish community here, but looking back at the struggle I had fitting in at University and not having something to connect with. When I joined I was in my 4th year of my Undergrad and it was amazing having something back in Hamilton to connect with even though I did not have it at Brock. The KCCA was created in 2018 with members of the Kurdish community here in Hamilton. It has been a great start to the year, we were able to start with a soccer tournament and with our annual picnic in September. There will definitely be more events in the future so stay tuned.

Instagram: @KCCA18
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I hope your 2018 was memorable and that your 2019 is even better. I have so much planned I hope you all can stuck around to see.


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