Get To Know: The Stackztwins

Hello, to anyone who's reading, and from wherever you are in the world.:) We are Sip and Naf, from Vancouver, Canada. We are twins, and together we are the stackzztwins! We are Kurdish as well, from Zaxo! :)  We have been given this lovely opportunity by Alin, to have a little piece of the spotlight from her amazing blog. We are bloggers as well, the word is still a little small for the amount of our dreams and what we will accomplish.  However, it does fit what we like to do. We blog all different types of things like clothing, food, culture, travels, and lifestyle. We are super positive and choose to look at everything in a good light. We have just started our blog, the link will be down below. We are working on our YouTube videos, as well as mini Instagram clips. We have hidden talents that we can't wait to show you all. If any of this remotely sparked your interest, I promise you won't be disappointed. Join us on our journey... it's one you won't wanna miss.. xoxo 

- stackztwins

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