Get To Know: Soza Mohamed

Dear anyone who's reading this Get to know on this blog, Slaw. (Hi)

My name is Sozyar, known as Soza on social media and I prefer to be called Soza :) 

Ok here is the part where I should be telling you what I do on social media (Instagram), first things first I am not a model and never even thought to be one, just the fact that I share my outfit pictures made everyone call me a Model, I seriously am not one I just share what I wear and sometimes do shout out to pages and clothing company or maybe anything that takes my attention.

second things second, I am 19 years old from Darbandikhan living in Slemani. 

I have always wanted to do something different, even back in secondary school I was the weirdest among my friends and as they say (maybe) the funniest because I did a lot of stupid stuff and for sure I was a talkative machine as my English teacher used to call me.

so from that time till now I always tried to do something that no one or a few have done before, that's how I started to make my personal Instagram account on public (which was terrifying back then) and share my personal hijabi/turban pictures and tutorial videos on how to do a Turban.

Besides the reason that I wanted to do something different there's another reason which made me do, even more, I saw a lot of hijabie bloggers and public figures online but never actually saw a Kurdish lady doing it! There were Arab ladies blogging from different countries so I thought, Why not be the first Kurdish Hijabi blogger or maybe Public figure ?! So I did it and I am very happy about it because it made other Kurdish girls do it and I am so glad that I could be a tiny little inspiration to them.

As anyone can see, Kurdish community is not so helpful with girls sharing their pictures online, it was so bad in the past 2 years now it's better, but still....

So my message here is to tell any Kurdish Girl out there who has a dream especially being a blogger or a public figure dream, Do not ever be afraid! Just go out there and do it, it takes only 20 seconds of bravery to tell your parents and siblings about opening a public account, it is not that hard to believe me, and if they didn't accept, just wait and be patient about it, am sure they will one day. Yes in this community girls are not allowed to have a public account so that's why you should always ask your parents for stuff like that, so many young girls message me daily saying they truly want to have a public account and be a hijabi blogger but their family isn't helping at all. 

be patient, it will all be fine, and they will accept it if you just tell them about your goal, put your hands over your heart and say "All izz wel "

When I first started this hijabi blogging I had a dream of being a fashion designer, a really big one actually, but by time my dreams and goals changed into bigger ones, now my dream is different, so different from what I do! and no we won't be talking about it, because dreams come true when you keep it for yourself. 

lastly, I want to thank You, dear reader, for taking your time to read this about me and the first one to thank is Alin. 

May everyone reach their dreams no matter how big they might be, my advice here is JUST DONT GIVE UP and don't slow down for doing works that you should be doing to make that dream come true

Nothing is impossible, even the word impossible is not impossible, (hope that made a sense :D ) 

best wishes and Love. 


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