Get To Know: Sonata Uaesa

I was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. Growing up I never really had a lot of Kurdish friends considering that the Kurdish population isn't that big compared to the one for example in Sweden, so it took me quite a while to learn about Kurdish history and politics. Despite this, the culture was always there. The food, the music, the habits and inside jokes were familiar and being able to relate to them when I first started talking to other Kurds across the world was very exciting. They could relate to the struggle of the smell of Kurdish food on your coats when your mom was making Kurdish food and having to go hang the coats outside. They could relate to people always guessing wrong when it comes to your ethnicity. They could relate to the strong love towards the mountains that might seem a bit weird for an outsider. But most importantly, they could relate to being a Kurd and missing the streets of Kurdistan like no other.

       Being away from home had me holding on to my Kurdish roots even tighter and always making sure everyone knew I was Kurdish whether it was by taking a Kurdish flag with me to school events or educating everyone I knew about Kurdistan. Being Kurdish is a huge part of me and I want to make sure that my kids in the future will also learn about the culture and history because it's something very close to my heart that should never be forgotten.

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