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 Hello everyone reading this
My name is Péleen, I’m 23 from Duhok-Kurdistan. Here I’ll be talking about my passion and share some of my goals in life in general. I’ll start when I was younger I always wanted to work somewhere to help others and to serve my community. As I grew my plans, my interest changed but my goal stayed the same, helping people.

Now I’m really passionate about the health of my body and mind I want to share my message with my community, how important it’s to take care of your overall health. As you know In our Kurdish community most people don’t care about their health and body until they get sick or about to die, to be honest.

I started the journey with health about two years ago and along the way, people kept asking me how did I do it, how did I lost extra weight and kept improving myself. So I started a blog in November to share my health journey and spread awareness to our community how huge deal it’s to start a healthy lifestyle.

Here I’ll go to that point, I don’t believe in diets and starving yourself for that perfect body shape, you have to start slow change the way you’re eating, how much you’re eating and from there you’ll be able to commit to your plans, I believe in God’s creations are medicine, so eat more plants and natural food. Also, you have to ask yourself, why you want this? What’s your main goal? And if your reason is strong enough and I hope it’s, you’ll be determined to achieve those goals.

And many people have told me it’s complicated, it’s expensive. Well, if you don’t mind buying expensive chocolate and ice cream you should invest in your health for once. 

And don’t get me wrong, I freaking love chocolate, pizza, and burgers... I mean who doesn’t haha, but make it a habit eat everything you like twice a month as much as you want. You gotta treat yourself for the hard work that’s love too! 

Being healthy is more than just perfect body shape, I mean that’s nice too .. but it’s more like loving and treating your every organ in your body well. 
If you give love to yourself the world will automatically give love and happiness to you.

Péleen Mohammad

Instagram: @Itsplifestyle


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