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My name is Perzha and I’m a nineteen-year-old fashion student. I was born in Slemani but my parents decided to move to the UK shortly after my birth. I’ve been living there ever since.  For many decades now, clothing has become much more than just a way to keep warm and covered. In fact, it has become an expressive mechanism for me, the shape and flow of my outfit speaks to people around me. I believe, that fashion is one of the most incredible recourses I can use, especially to shine a light on any specific topic. It then dawned on me, just how influential it would be to incorporate Kurdish culture into the garments I create.  


The bags I’ve created are part of my last college project which was based on contemporisation of traditional Kurdish wear. I believe that the Kurdish fashion market isn’t yet fully established.  Therefore I have taken it upon myself to incorporate the aesthetic of Kurdish culture into my work. I was inspired by traditional Kurdish patterns and colours and so created a collection of garments that were more suitable for everyday wear - StreetStyle.  Along side the garments I also designed the tote bags. Tote bags are very popular in the west and I’ve never seen them in Kurdistan, so I created my own.  I wanted them to be fun and unique, something people could enjoy no matter what occasion. Thus, I used the collection as a tool to interest younger audiences regardless, if you are or aren't kurdish  


My endeavour is to carry on including the traditions of my people within my art. I hope that one day, every Kurd, can confidently say where they are from without a single person doubting if their motherland exists. 

Biji Kurd u Kurdistan

Instagram: Perzha.x

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