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My name is Kavi (or Kavy). Kavi is the snow on top of mountains that does not melt in spring and summer. It is in the Badinani dialect, and in Sorani it is “Kawi”, interestingly, it is also very close to the word “Kêwi” which means wild! I was born, raised, and grew up in Sulaymaniyah, the capital of culture in southern Kurdistan. I moved to the United States of America about two years ago to further pursue my education and personal goals.

I did not recognize writing as a form of Art until much later in my life. Actually, I did not recognize many things as Art until a couple years ago. My life has taken some interesting turns and twists, now I summon my existence and many of the things I can not grasp in Art.

I, indeed, am an artist, just like all of you. I like to say artist because Art usually encompasses many undefined and formless concepts and phenomenons. Just like being a Kurd. I am not a regular reader, in its traditional sense. I do not read many books, but the ones that I read are usually revolutionary. I tend to read many other things though, such as nature, guts, feelings, beauty, humans, and a lot of abstract things that many of us tend to look past. I observe a lot of things, especially my own thoughts and feelings, hence my words.

I have been privileged in so many ways, and I have always tried to use my privileges in order to help the powerless. I can and do express my feelings and thoughts in depth in two major languages; Kurdish and English. Although I know three other languages, but I mainly write in the two mentioned. I previously delivered a TEDx talk about the Kurdish cause and partook in a collaborative book of multiple skilled and talented Kurdish writers (that is actually how I got to know Aleen). Through these experiences, I aspire to, one day, be qualified enough to publish my own book and add another authentic element to the Kurdish AND world literature.

“kaviswonderland” is my public instagram account and my one and only online platform as of now. I would like to speak a bit of its purpose for the first time. This online platform is an attempt to share some rather inexpressible parts of our minds, hearts and lives that we all may feel uncomfortable with at some points; be it good or bad. I want to tell the very few people who read my writings that they are not alone in what they feel; at least they are not alone by themselves, many people feel like them too. The word “wonderland” is to depict the concept of being away from our unconsciously lived reality, to have a land full of wonders of all kinds. It has been a very fruitful journey for me; one word, one sentence, one piece, or one story. If any of that makes someone feel better ; that is all I could ever ask for. Even if it is simply the fact that I am a Kurdish young lady, a vulnerable writer that writes to liberate the centuries-long suffocated and unspoken words of a nation, of forbidden loves, and broken lands.

I want to conclude this by delivering the message that we are all more than our identities. Our nationalities, skills, jobs, experiences, thoughts, and self-created images are nothing of the

beautiful Art piece that we are. We are a mystical book that is yet to be put into the form of words, but will never be.

Thank you Aleen so very much for giving me the opportunity to reach my voice to a wider audience in hopes of empowering fellow Kurds and awakening the world towards our Kurdish Dream.

Instagram: @Kaviswonderland

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