Get To Know: Dana Faraj

Growing up in Germany and the U.S., I was fortunate enough to live a life based on the principles of freedom and the pursuit of happiness; something that I learned was not to be taken for granted.

The fact that I can study and was allowed to move out of my home, or can one day choose the man that I marry, regardless of race or faith, is something I know not all Kurdish girls, even if they grow up in the West, are allowed to do. 

I only have my mother to thank for these freedoms, the bravest woman I know. She proved to me that by giving your daughter the same rights as your sons you are not taking a risk. In fact, you are showing them that you trust them enough to make the right choices based on the morals you've taught them throughout their life - something I wish more Kurdish mothers and fathers believed in. 

I hope that one day the dreams of my ancestors will come true and we can build an independent state on the basis of democratic principles because "a country cannot be free unless the women are free." (A.Öcalan)

Being a Kurd means being a fighter. So for those Kurds growing up in a westernized country, get an education and strive for whatever it is you want to achieve. 

Currently, I am studying Politics and English for my Masters of Education in Germany and hope to somehow inspire Kurdish girls to pursue their dreams.

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