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Hello everyone! I’m Bayse, a 19-year-old English Literature undergraduate in England. As my degree suggests, I love all kinds of literature – plays, novels, poetry. Being creative adds life to everything I do, whether it’s through writing essays, reading books, organizing outfits, photography or makeup. Although, my favourite thing to do is probably traveling. I love visiting different cities, exploring the culture and having a good time with friends. It’s also a great opportunity to take pictures for my Instagram!

I was born and have lived in London all my life, and I must say I love it here. Being a Kurd in London means being surrounded by a lot of other Kurdish people. Kurdishness has a very heavy presence in this city, especially in North London. When I was younger my parents would take me to many protests advocating Abdullah Ocalan’s freedom. I remember visiting the Kurdish Community Centre very often and attending Newroz every year at Finsbury Park.

Now that I’m at University, I have a different relationship with my Kurdish identity. The struggle for our freedom is so great that sometimes we forget to celebrate, study and appreciate all the wonders of Kurdish culture and history. So, that is what I’ve embarked on, combining my passion for literature with my culture. I was introduced to Kurdish poets a few years ago when I came across Choman Hardi. Now, I’ve started studying Ahmadi Khani’s Mêm û Zin, one of the greatest pieces of Kurdish literature. One day, I hope to put my pen against the paper and write about my identity, write about how every “I’m Kurdish” is an open defiance against the years of oppression we have faced, write about our beautiful, melodic culture and how it can never be erased.

“If this fruit is not juicy to the right degree,
Just recognize it is Kurdish…
These words, meanings, phrases, constructions,
Structures, signs, subjects, topics, narration, symbols,
Eulogies and approaches
Style, attributes, interpretations, and sounds
I have never borrowed from foreigners”

Ahmadi Khani (translation by Kamal Mirawdeli)

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