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Honar & Avins Sar Xana

Lets Recap;❤️

Hey beauties, I'm finally sitting down on the wonderful Sar Xana (Henna Ceremony) leading up to the wedding that my family had for my cousin and his wife during the summer. I waited to write this post because I wanted to receive the professional photos that Mahaba Photography took of the henna ceremony and the wedding. 

It was amazing to experience another family wedding again. previous family weddings were my cousin's wedding in Minnesota, my sister's wedding, and my cousin's wedding in Nashville, and Honar & Avins engagement.

for real though whos next? (IT'S NOT ME SO DONT EVEN TRY THAT LOL)

Okay, Lets Get Started!! 

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Vajin's & Solin`s Wedding

First and foremost I want to congratulate the couple on their marriage and having an amazing wedding, Insha'Allah a life full of prosperity and happy moments. 

The wedding that I attended with my family was a Bamarnî wedding in Kitchener Ontario. It was an amazing fun night with family and friends I really enjoyed being there and just dancing. 

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