Mix & Match

If you're Kurdish then you know that if you have one dress there are so many ways to wear that with different vîstan/kewa (the piece over the dress). I have used many of the same fabric colour with different vîstans. This is a great way to wear the same fabric, but being able to make it different each time. 

For today I will be showing you all the different ways I have worn similar pieces within different events such as parties, engagements or weddings. Hopefully, with this, it will encourage young Kurdish females to be able to wear the same fabric twice. I know sometimes people say that they can't wear the same dress twice, but with artistic freedom such as this and being able to think about different pairs of colours or fabrics together is the best part I believe to wearing Kurdish dresses. The Kurdish Fashion has drastically increased over the past couple of years and often times individuals such as myself living abroad by yourself or with diaspora parents it can be hard keeping up with the trendy styles that are brought within Kurdistan. 

BUT! don't ever feel like you can't wear the same dress with a different style vîstan. The best thing for me and probably for other people as well is to have the opportunity to think of different ways you could wear the dress and make it your own. 

This is where I will show you the different ways I wore the same dress or even the same vîstan/kewa. 

The first time I ever wore this dress (the white fabric) was for my sister's wedding as a bridesmaid. My mom had sewn the dress for me and made it exactly how I wanted it. Through that, I have worn the dress multiple times after that, which you will see AS YOU CONTUINE TO READ. 


For this wedding in Kitchener, I wore the same dress (from my sister's wedding) but, I wore it with a red old style vîstan. This vîstan was with us for awhile, but my mom never knew she had it until she found it one day and told me she was going to make into a vîstan for me. I absolutely love this vîstan because it is such an old style fabric but it goes so well with the white. My sister also wore this exact outfit to my cousins wedding 

As you can see here is a closer look at the vîstan. It looks beautiful and you could easily pair the vîstan with any other colour fabric such as black.


If only I was able to insert snap chat videos or videos in general on here you would get a clear picture of what I wore but, as you can see I wore the white dress again, however, this time I paired it with my aunt Berîvan vîstan that she had given my sister many years back. Though nobody wore it in the years previous to this day. I had to wear it, it's a bahdinian style dress which means that you would have to tie the vîstan at the front, which I absolutely love. After wearing this style vîstan my mom continues to make the same style for me because I can't get enough. 

I have no clue why I seem so angry in this photo, but I promise I wasn't. Here is a photo of the whole dress where you can see the tie at the front of the vîstan. I love this vîstan so so much and you could pair it with any colour. As you will see in the next photo there are mutiple colours embedded in the vîstan where you can use for the dress colour. 


Same vîstan different dress colour. You can see in the vîstan there are purples and pinks so I decided to use those colours and wear a common colour such as blue. This was the first time wearing this vîstan and I got so many compliments on it. One of my family friends told me too how I look exactly like my mom when she was younger wearing this vîstan aha. 

even with a signature vîstan/kewa such as this, you can pair it with any colour such as blue, white, purple, pink. It will look good with any colour common to the ones I mentioned. dont be afraid to try different colours, styles, or to mix and match because great ideas come out of it. 

I've worn all these pieces so much because I was able to mix and match and experiment with the different colours that could look good with it. the whole idea of you can only wear a dress once his simply not true. Don't be afraid because the best part of Kurdish dresses is being able to mix &match. To be able to figure out what works and what doesn't with certain fabrics and pieces.

I hope that this post allows you to be able to mix & match and not be afraid of "Wearing the same dress twice". I definitely know that I will never stop wearing these pieces, especially the vîstans that I've mentioned. 

Comment letting me know down below what colours you have tried that work together. 

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