Honar & Avins Wedding

Lets Recap; 💕

Hey Beauties, well here it is... since I talked about Honar & Avins Sar Xana I need to obviously stop being lazy and show you guys the stunning photos from their wedding as well right? 👰🏻 🤵🏻 

A summer wedding for Kurds is the only thing we know how to do (trust me). Honar and Avin got married on August 13th, 2017 surrounded by their loving family and friends from all over the world. No seriously we had some Canadians and Asians breaking it down to Kurdish music. I loved every minute of it!

Okay Now Lets Get Started... 

The singer for not only the Sar Xana (Henna Cermony), but the wedding as well was Zerevan Zaxoyi. It was his first time coming to Canada and experiencing Kurdish weddings here (lets just say now he knows that our weddings don't end early). He was a really good singer and with the music made everyone bust some really funny moves on the dance floor (including myself). Though fun fact he didnt know the Omar Gundî Novê Ta Chîya, which shocked all of us LOL. 🙎🏻


um.. well Honar and Avin were not playing games with their wedding pictures let me tell you that. I havent seen photos this good in ALONG TIME (probably better than my sisters wedding pictures. Sorry....not sorry). Both looked amazing on their own, but even better together😏

Avins wedding dress was beautiful, I loved everything about it. Im a huge fan of lace, which was seen throughout her dress, I could not take my eyes off of it. her in it next to Honar made the dress itself 100x better 💜

Avin and Honar took their photos at the royal botanical garden in Hamilton and I will say this these photos came out so much better than if you were to go to "the view" (where every Kurdish couple goes to take photos on their wedding day). Let us leave that in 2017.. ok thanks. 

They honestly took Mem û Zîn to the next level... they just made Kurdistan independent with these photos. YES thats how serious it is. thats how much I love them. (bijî Kurdistan though). Im trying to have him and her pictures like the last one with them standing in front of those cars. 💖


the colours for their wedding was a beautiful pink and white. They had pink roses along with some white flowers to decorate the hall. I could not be more obsessed with the cake design not only with the flowers to bring all the colours together, but the pipe work and the jewels around each tier is something else!🎂💖

Not only am I getting extremely hungry while looking at these photos, I'm wanting to relive these moments a million times. To relive the moments that were captured in these photos because for one the food was amazing and I would lose all that weight again by the amount of Kurdish dancing I did. (tililili all over the place) 💃🏻💃🏻 


I know I'm going to say this a lot, but this was probably my favourite moment of the wedding. The slow dance they did together to the song This I Swear By Nick Lachey. This song was my favourite when I was younger when I thought I found my soul mate when watching the Family/Disney Channel LOL (its true). 

They took slow dancing to the next level with the fireworks they had during the bridge/climax of the song. I was on the side making sure no child ruined this while being in my feels singing the song with my cousin. It was a memorable moment, and something that I have not seen before in the Kurdish community here in Hamilton. It was a cute (white) moment for sure. It was definitely something different from pervious weddings I've been too. They had a lot of things within their wedding that made this wedding stand out for me for sure. 

It was not only a miracle that we made sure no kid came in and ruined the slow dance and the pictures but the fact that Honar and Avin pulled it off. I was so excited at the end of the slow dance because I knew how much stress and worry they both had about this dance. I was so excited for them and for us because we were able to pull it off by making sure all the kids were out of harms way. 💖

Honar has the most contagious smile. With the dental smile going on in all his pictures showing off those white teeth. (trust mean when I mean all of his pictures) It's soo cute! 💖


Another really cool thing that Honar & Avin had at their wedding was a Photo Booth, which was another thing that made this wedding so different from the others I've been too. They had  a photo booth with props that you could use in your photos. I took this photo with my cousin Axink. This was the only photo I took because I was busy dancing, but I'm glad I have this to put in my room (MEMORIES). 

What I Was Wearing..

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
FullSizeRender 5.jpg

This is the dress I decided to wear for Honar & Avins wedding. My dad had purchased this dress along with the dress for Honar & Avins Sar Xana from paroket_mehvan_duhok on Instagram. Both fabrics were similar yet different, I loved the designs on the red and the blue, though the blue dress after washing it because of the smell from the travel made the colour from the blue fabric on the dress leak. 💙

Because of this I think the red dress is my favourite one out of the two. Plus I do think red looks better on me than blue (didn't mean to rhyme there LOL). I usually never wear these types of dresses with the beading and over the top designs, but if you don't wear it for your families wedding where would you wear it to am I right?

Thats why I made it my mission to make sure my dad got the right dresses. This means calling everyday, and forcing him to go on camera to show me which dresses were there. trust me if you're making your father shop for Kurdish dresses all the way in Kurdistan call hundred times making sure he got the right ones. If your father is anything like mine where he will buy majority of the Kurdish dresses in the store just so he doesn't have to look than yes, annoy him like no tomorrow LOL! I also want to thank my mother too for sewing all my dresses for me.. you're the real MVP!  💙


Just Moments To Relive..


here are some of my favourite pictures from the wedding day. We all had such an incredible time just dancing and being together. We all waited so long for this day so it was crazy to finally be in the moment. we danced a lot, sung a lot of songs, and enjoyed each others company. During the end of the wedding we got my aunt and mom to sing Kurdish songs. My cousin, sister, and I were repeating whatever verse my mom and aunt sang (mâ Vagerâ ou ma walê kir LOL). I definitely learned a lot of new Kurdish songs just by practicing for the Sar Xana and the wedding, I can sing hay Rewar Rewar Rewar Zaneba mn all day everyday. LOL, its all I know pretty much.💖


It's been great to relive these moments through the pictures while writing this blog post for you guys. I wish I could go back to this day and experience it all over again with my family. This summer was definitely one to remember, reassuring me the impact and love my family has in my life. Family will forever be there for you as it grows bigger and bigger. Remember that!💖


And Now!

from my family to yours, thank you for reading this far and allowing me to share with you amazing moments like this in my life. Thank you for sticking around to read the wedding post along with the Sar Xana one posted couple days ago. 

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