Honar & Avins Sar Xana

Lets Recap;❤️

Hey beauties, I'm finally sitting down and writing about the wonderful Sar Xana (Henna Ceremony) leading up to the wedding that my family had for my cousin and his wife during the summer. I waited to write this post because I wanted to receive the professional photos that Mahaba Photography took of the henna ceremony and the wedding. 

It was amazing to experience another family wedding again. previous family weddings were my cousin's wedding in Minnesota, my sister's wedding, and my cousin's wedding in Nashville, and Honar & Avins engagement.

for real though whos next? (IT'S NOT ME SO DONT EVEN TRY THAT LOL)

Okay, Lets Get Started!! 

The Sar Xana (Henna Ceremony) was on August 12th, 2017. Where we had both the bride and grooms family to celebrate by dancing, eating sweets, putting henna on our finger(s), and showering the bride and groom with gifts (preferably gold... duh). 


 Honar and Avin looked absolutely amazing this day & the wedding. The Sar Xana (Henna Ceremony) was decorated in red and white matching their outfits. Both are wearing traditional Kurdish clothes that were made in Kurdistan. Look at those traditional Kurdish shoes that Honar was wearing. I LOVE IT! They are my Mem Û Zîn!!❤️


The Sar Xana (Henna Ceremony) was super fun and exciting having family here from so many different places.  Canada (Winnipeg), Germany, America (Minnesota, Nashville) and Europe. I loved how we set up the hall and the area for where Honar & Avin were sitting. The flower bridge was something that I've never personally seen before. It brought a new element to Sar Xanas. It was hard to come up with ideas to decorate the hall when you're doing it yourself, but Honar and Avin did an amazing job. Im glad I was there to help them in whatever they needed. There was also a red and white backdrop with white lights behind and small candles arranged on the table. my absolute favourite thing was the large jar of roses that were placed on each side of the table. We placed candles inside with water filled to the top allowing the candle to float. 🌹🌹


A closer look at her Gold pieces and her dress that was purchased from Kurdistan. I love this red dress on her and the small details that were put on the dress made it even more gorgeous. She definitely knows how to rock Kurdish dresses, especially red. 🌹

Red has traditional, cultural, and historical elements in Kurdish culture which makes me extremely happy seeing Kurdish individaul's represent their culture in every possible way, yet having the control of what they want. 🌹


red is probably my favourite colour to wear so having The Sar Xana (Henna Ceremony) red was great. red roses with red Kurdish dresses, and with gold jewelry makes everything look put together and beautiful next to each other. Look how beautiful these rings are with the red from the roses!!❤️❤️ RED ROSES ON EVERYTHING! LITERALLY.🌹🌹


if you guys want to book me for your special events I take some nice pictures using my Iphone 6s (I pinky promise I'm good) LOL. BUT SERIOUSLY how cute is this picture, the Kurdish gold with the Xana on their pinkies and the red coming through. IT'S SUCH A KURDISH PHOTO THAT IS WHY I LOVE IT LOL. ❤️ ❤️


here is the Xana plate with the Xana for the bride and groom. We also had a plate for the Gold that was given to the bride and a plate (that I carried) with small bags of candy and treats. The treats were bought In Kurdistan to give the guests during the Sar Xana.  The groom's sister along with her husband put Xana (henna) on the bride and grooms pinky along with money. Its tradition for whoever wakes up the first after their wedding gets to keep both bills that were tied on the bride and grooms pinky (SET YOUR ALARMS KIDS LOL). ❤️ ❤️

We (being the groom's family) also had a larger plate of Xana (henna) for the guests to usually dip their pinky in. Anyone there can attest to this fact, the Xana was so rich in pigment. my aunt from Europe who came with her kids to celebrate with us made the Xana (henna). She added the Xana that was bought in Kurdistan, but she also added Kurdish tea to the mixture to make the Xana very pigmented and rich in colour. If you had the Xana on your hand for 10 minutes it would come out bright red. ❤️

What I Was Wearing


Did I mention how much I love red?❤️ ❤️
I wore this dress that was bought in Kurdistan at a fabric store. Their Instagram is paroket_mehvan_duhok  they have amazing fabrics where I found not only this fabric for the Xana ceremony, but I also found the fabric I wore for the wedding. Shoutout to my dad for going to Kurdistan and getting me the fabrics I wanted before the wedding. If you are ever in the city Duhok when you're in Kurdistan definitely check out their fabrics. You can always click their Instagram and see what they have. 

The jewelry I was wearing were regular pieces I wear to pretty much every event/wedding I go too. same bracelets from Kurdistan, the same belt from Kurdistan, the same rings that were gifted to me, and the same necklace with my name on it (in case people forget LOL). 


A Closer Look At The Nails.

My nails were probably my favorite thing that brought my dress and gold jewelry together. Though some nails on my fingers did break off that night even though I got them done the day before the Sar Xana. I don't recommend going to the place I went too, but the design and style of my nails were everything that I wanted. I went to the Blanc Nail Bar in Hamilton (again would not recommend this place). 

If you follow me on snapchat or Instagram you (probably) have seen videos that I've posted of the Sar Xana. Snapchats of us dancing an having a good time & if you haven't seen it follow me on snapchat and Instagram because I'll definitely be posting more. 


And Now!

from my family to yours, thank you for reading this far and allowing me to share with you amazing moments like this in my life. I love spending time with my family and having most of my family here for this celebration is truly a gift. Keep a lookout for the Wedding blog post to go live soon. ❤️
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