Honar & Avin's Engagement Party

If I could go back and relive this a thousand times I would. Not even this day, but the whole winter break. This winter break I had with my family had emotionally and mentally saved me. During the winter break, my oldest cousin was getting engaged. I had my cousins from Winnipeg Manitoba come to visit and my other cousin with her daughter come from Minnesota/Fargo. 

During the engagement party, I honestly did not do anything special with my makeup because I was kinda in a rush and too lazy. You know when you have so many people getting ready in one room you kinda just give up.... that was me lol. 

My cousin Honar and his very near future bride Avin had a small engagement party in Hamilton where they had their closest friends and family come celebrate. We had my music playing on my laptop with everyone dancing and going crazy. We had some remix DJ music that was playing and it was so funny watching my cousins go crazy every time the beat dropped.

It was really fun being with my family and having them back in Hamilton again because whenever we are together things gets crazy. I have a good time with them all the time. I can't wait until my cousin's wedding this August because it will only get crazier ill tell you that.

Love my cousin Honar so much, he has always been a big brother to all of us because he is the oldest out of all my cousins that live in Canada (3 families). We grew up together so we all consider each other brothers and sisters. I couldn't change that for the world. I'm so extremely happy for him because everyone knows the struggles I went through to find Honar a wife. BUT HE DID THAT.... LOL JK.

Honar and Avin look so cute together, and I can't wait until I see both of them at the wedding because if you thought they were cute here, you haven't seen anything yet. #NEWMEMORIES #SUMMER2K17

I'm so happy they both found each other, and now they can live their lives in the cold ass Winnipeg. Hopefully that wont last long :)


What I Was Waring

The dress I was wearing was a gift given to me by my best friend Dile (Hayman Muhamad) when she went to Kurdistan. I honestly at first didn't know how I felt about it because I always thought that the colour green looked so ugly on me, BUT when the dress was made and I wore it I fell in love with it. The dark green colour was an alternative for me honestly because it wasn't a crazy green colour but it was subtle which I loved. The vîstan (or Kewa) however yall wanna call it was different from what I would normally wear but I honestly loved everything about it. 

Some pictures of my dress (in the dark green) and pictures of us dancing. This is pretty much family! I love all of them💕💕

Songs That We Got LIT Too

These are one of my favorite songs, and I know that if you want to get LITTT that this will be yours too. IM JUST GOING TO THANK MYSELF RN BECAUSE THESE SONGS ARE THE BOMB.