Canada Day | Parade of Cultures


Hey Dreamers, Canada Day is always a time where Canadians love to celebrate. I love the fact that I could celebrate Canada as a country by showcasing my Kurdish identity. On July 1st, I celebrated Canada Day by showing the community who I am and why diversity in Canada is something that always needs to be celebrated. 


Canada Day parade of cultures where Canadians from countries around the world were able to bring their culture to a beautiful and diverse country like Canada. I was so excited to be able to join and be a part of it by showcasing my Kurdish identity with other individuals at the parade and festival on Canada Day. There were so many beautiful countries and individuals wearing their traditional clothes. 


If you want to see what I wore just keep on reading!


I wore this beautiful mint green (greenish blue) Kurdish dress that I bought at a fabric store where I live. My mom made this dress exactly how I wanted it, I knew when I bought the lace fabric for the vîstan (the outer layer of the traditional dress) I wanted the style to be a Bahdinî style dress. This is where the front part of the vîstan is made so you are able to tie it in the front. It is a very traditional style that my Kurdish ancestors have been doing for centuries. This is why I decided to wear this, It was a very traditional style dress and it was a perfect dress to wear to represent my Kurdish identity in the parade of cultures. 


It was extremely hot this day (LIKE REALLY HOT) and so I tried to keep everything simple and minimalistic. My makeup as well was very natural (expect for my eyebrows as always) because I knew that once I stepped outside the whole thing would melt off, but hey at least I got my pictures right.  

 With natural makeup I had to give some more aspects of culture and traditional to the Kurdish dress so I had to wear my Sayran Teardrop hoops I've been obsessed with these ever since I got them, they bring back so many memories of my childhood and me in Kurdistan, they also compliment the Kurdish dress so nicely I was in love. 


I just want to mention the amazing people who came up to us to let us know to keep fighting for independence and freedom, as well as to the people who asked us where we were form and were genuinely excited to hear about who we are as Kurdish Canadians and where we came from. They asked us where we are form and asked questions about our people. I loved being apart of such an amazing experience and showcasing my beautiful flag to the community it was the least I could do! 

Now, if you enjoyed reading about this experience and loved how I share Kurdish fashion with you then let me know down below. 

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