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My Top Five City Destinations I Want To Visit | Kurdistan

Dreamers, Im here with another Kurdistan blog post and I know what you are thinking ANOTHER Kurdistan blog post, but its me Alko it shouldn’t be that shocking. I want to share with you all my dire need to visit these cities in Kurdistan that I have not yet seen. It’s crazy to me because for someone who was fortunate enough to visit you would think that I would have seen some of these cities, but nope. When I go back to Kurdistan these will be the first spots I travel to and finally experience for myself their beauty.


Akre during Newroz is probably my dream destination, I will make it happen. Akre is such a beautiful and historical city the photos I’ve seen of Akre during Newroz and during other months makes me fall in love with Kurdistan because of its beauty. I want to experience all that, especially during Newroz. To see the fire and everyone there celebrate, theres no question that I will be in Akre when that happens.


Rawaendez is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life. The photos I’ve seen of Rawendez is the only reason why I want to experience it for myself. The unquestionable beauty that this place holds and the beautiful people that I know who are from there. If there are mountains and beautiful scenery Im already sold on the idea of visiting and this place has all that. I can’t wait to see it for myself and the amount of pictures I am going to be taking of this place is no joke.


I think that Halabja is the one place that I always wanted to go to even when I was a kid. Learning about Kurdish history and the what this beautiful city went through at the hands of Chemical Ali and Saddam Hussien gives me this need to see this city still standing. I want to see the museum and experience the people of this beautiful city. As a Kurd I think everyone should visit this city not only to see the museum, but to pay their respect to those who were affected by what had happened in 1988.


Lets just say that most of my visits to Kurdistan were strictly in the Duhok province, which I hated. I did not experience other parts of Kurdistan because of a simple excuse of “Theres only men going you can’t come” when I would ask my Dad. This is why once I am back in Kurdistan I will make sure I visit these cities and not take any excuses. Slemani is a city that I’ve heard a lot about, but never been too (duh). The city life of Slemani definitely what attracts me to this place, also because of the openness I’m guessing wont experience in other parts of Kurdistan. There are a lot of places within Slemani I want to visit and gain a better understanding and knowledge of Kurdistan’s history. I’m excited to see a whole other side of Kurdistan that I have yet to experience.


Yes, that is right I have not experienced Hewler yet. Well if you count being at the airport and getting in a car experiencing the city than okay. I wouldn’t really consider that experiencing, which is why I added this to my list. I have not truly experienced the oldest city in the world yet and I am ashamed. My dad has been, but never took me because (yes you guessed it) “Only men are going”. I want to experience the bazar and city life there, I want to see the Citadel and the cute book stores and coffee shops. I want to meet new people there, and practice my terrible Sorani.


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My Top Five Favourite Places In Kurdistan

I have been to Kurdistan a few times and throughout the times I have spent in Kurdistan these places most definitely have to be my favourite places to experience.There are five places that I definitely want to experience again. Read below to find out what they are!!

1. my first favourite place in Kurdistan to go to is Gundê Wermelê. This is where some of my family members are from. I had spent my time in Gundê Wermelê and enjoyed the incredible view that allowed you to see Gundê Babirê as well. The village was very quiet when I went because most of the male individuals in the village had gone off to fight as Peshmerga, but the view over the hill was amazing. This is why it has become one of my favourite places to visit. Not only that, but I had ridden my first donkey there so it became a memorable moment for me. 

2. my second favourite place to visit is my grandpa's rez (garden). His land or garden that he plants is near the town of Qadêshê. Here you can see the most incredible view of the mountains. I am always so amazed by the mountains here that I used this picture for the original style of my website when I first started. I can't get enough of the views of the mountains, pretty much all my favorite locations are because of the view of the mountains. These pictures down below showcases the true beauty of Kurdistan on an everyday basis. The mountains are really my favourite places to be at I cant get enough of the view even in these pictures.

so beautiful

3. The third place that I cannot get enough of is probably one of my favourite places out of all the ones I have mentioned in this blog post. This place I honestly don't know it's exact location, but whenever I travel from Duhok to reach my father's village of Gundê Babirê we always go through this area. I fall in love every time because I am so close to the mountains than I've ever been before. I love how close the mountains are whenever my family and I drive through. It makes me so happy to be so close to the mountains because we cherish the mountains so much. As you can see in the photos below when the car goes in between the mountains it's such an incredible up-close feeling I don't think I have felt before. You can almost touch the rocks as you drive past, which is why this has become one of my favorite places to see. I have memorized the journey to my father's village just so I can prepare myself when we reach this part of Kurdistan. This is so I can just stick my hand out and try to touch the mountain. I've taken so much videos and pictures driving past it I fell in love with it.

4. The fourth place that is my favourite places in Kurdistan. This is Gundê Eradina, as Gundê Eradina represents the Christian side of the village and the Muslim side of the village. The Muslim side of the village (where my mother lived) was up the mountain and the Christain side was below the mountain. The waterfall and glass structure is placed below the mountain on the side of the street. I love what they did with the village allowing individuals to stop and reflect. The waterfall is beautiful bringing fresh water from the top of the mountain allowing individuals to drink and refresh themselves. As well the structure that was built in Gundê Eradina represents all the individuals who were from Gundê Eradina that sacrificed their lives to protect Kurdistan. Their names are embedded in the structure with Mullah Mustafa Barzani and Masood Barazni picture in the middle and the Kurdistan flag on top. This structure that was created made this my favorite place to see and visit. Cherishing the moments of sacrifice the peshmergas have done for the people of Kurdistan allows me to continue to love my country. It's crazy looking at the all the names that are from this village alone and thinking about the ways they protected my family in Kurdistan. I love going there and praying that God gives the peshmerga the highest levels of heaven. 

5. The fifth and last place that has become my favourite place in Kurdistan is a place that my family and I came across when we went to visit a village on the edge of Bashurê Kurdistanê (South Kurdistan). It was seen as the last village before you reached the man made borders of Bakur (North Kurdistan). While we were driving back to Duhok we came across this secluded area that almost looked like it has not been touched by humans. We arrived during the perfect time too, while the sun was setting. We stopped and took videos and pictures, I fell in love with the moment and the nature of Kurdistan. It was so quiet and almost felt like time had stopped for a moment because we did not see anything but a beautiful sunset and mountains surrounding us. I definitely cherished this moment and memory with my father. I hope I can go back soon and visit not only the village that we saw that day, but end up traveling down this path again. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post of my favourite places In Kurdistan. If you ever have a chance visiting Kurdistan I would definitely recommend these areas if you are like me and get lost in the sight of the mountains. Anything that has an amazing view and feeling are places that I want to visit and experience.

Thank you for reading and experiencing these moments with me. Let me know what you think down below.