What I got from Kurdistan | Gifts


Hey Dreamers, there is always someone you know that has gone or is going to Kurdistan every year. This year was definitely no exception. Though, the best part of having someone go to Kurdistan and come back is what they bring with them. Gifts, stories, food, and sweets. Continue reading to find out what gifts I received from amazing people in my life. 


Kurdish belt | I was gifted with this Kurdish belt to wear on top of Kurdish dresses during celebrations. This belt is very different from the regular belts Kurdish women may wear over their clothes. Its a belt that does not have the large middle piece and only has the side pieces all around the belt. As Kurds call it the "Rakta" that holds the belt together is that the belt only consists of. This is something different for me because I do not have this type of belt. Im looking forward to trying it and seeing how it looks compared to the original style belts that Kurdish women often wear. 

Shîtka | This piece of jewellery is something Kurdish women tie around their waist when wearing Kurdish dresses. The black string you use to tie around your waist with the design hanging off your dress. For this design it is the large coins that are a big theme in the gifts I received. Now you know the style in Kurdistan currently (pretty much go big or go home). I love wearing this type of piece over simple Kurdish clothes and when you don't want to go all out for small celebrations. 

Kurdish shoulder jewellery \ This piece of jewellery is something that is common in Kurdish traditional style. It is a long piece of jewellery that the women will place on her shoulder and it will be placed across her body. This is shown while the coins that are on this piece hangs down perfectly on top of the Kurdish dress. This piece is heavy and very long I don't usually wear these pieces that much anymore, but I'd love to give it another try. Maybe this piece of jewllery will come back in style again. You never know!


earrings | I got different pair of earrings with the same style, but different colour. These first three earrings are gold with different colour jewels in them. First the blue jewels then the green and lastly the yellow. The other pair of earrings that I got was the longer ones with the coins ranging from small size to bigger size. As you can tell the style of coins is something you currently can't run away from in Kurdistan. Im obsessed with these earrings not only are they beautiful, but I also can have a variety to choose from to match what Kurdish dress I will be wearing. You can also wear these without having to wear Kurdish traditional dress with it. Bring some culture to regular everyday looks shall we? 

Bracelet | This bracelet was gifted to be by a very good friend and I'm obsessed with it. As you can see the coin style is back and it works perfect with everything else that I was gifted with because they match perfectly. the earrings with the bracelet and the Shîtek (is that a little too much?). 



Im obsessed with everything that I received

Thank you to my family and friends. Love you!

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