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Surviving Eid In Kurdistan

As Eid passed us not too long ago, I want to recap my Eid experience in Kurdistan. I had gone to Kurdistan for the summer with my father and soon my mother had joined. We had experienced Eid together with our family. This Eid created a lot of happy and sad emotions within my family, but I'd love to share the happy moments with you.

I'm very grateful to have experienced Eid in Kurdistan three times already. I have learned a lot on how Eids in Kurdistan are much different than the ones in Canada. As well I've learned a lot of tips and tricks to prepare yourself for Eid in Kurdistan and I'd love to share them with you. 


  1. This seems like a weird one to start with, but if you were fasting during the month of Ramadan and you'd stay up late then you know getting enough sleep to wake up EARLY for Eid is a big thing. In Kurdistan, they will wake you up at 6 a.m to prepare for the day.

  2. The second tip is to make sure you have your clothes laid out before hand because when you wake up at 6 a.m you will be too tired to even think about what you are going to wear.

  3. The third tip is for females or even males if you are into that, is to apply minimalistic makeup. This is because during the months I was there it was extremely hot and you will definitely sweat during the day.

  4. The fourth tip, which is a warning is DO NOT STEP OUTSIDE DURING THE HOTTEST HOURS OF THE DAY. especially barefoot lol. Wait for the sun to start setting before you try spending your day outside in the heat, or if you know you are spending your day in the sun just make sure to prepare for the weather and protect yourself.

What you do during Eid In Kurdistan

Eid in Kurdistan is exciting because unlike Canada a large majority of the Muslim Kurds are celebrating. During the days of Eid, you would spend your days getting dressed up often times in Kurdish clothes and visit your family. During this Eid, I was In Kurdistan my father and I had gone to our families house and celebrated Eid with them. Taking pictures, and giving out candy was seen as a normal day during Eid. It was amazing because we knew everyone in the neighborhood and all the little children came and asked for Candy.

Not to mention, during the night before the kids in the neighborhood will go in the streets making noise and declaring that Eid is tomorrow for everyone to hear singing songs, and playing. That was probably my favourite thing to see, the kids on the night before excited to get up and celebrate Eid.

Eid In Kurdistan is very different than the Eid's I've experienced In Canada. Eids in Canada is not that exciting or celebratory for the Kurdish community. often times my family does not really do anything, but my parents do go to Kurdish houses for Eid. However, Eid in Kurdistan I definitely enjoy it more, because more people are celebrating.

Though this Eid was little weird because as I was going around saying hi to people in the neighbourhood I ran into a guy holding a monkey from the Duhok Zoo that was across the street. The monkey was able to shake your hand, give you a high five and take your candy from you lol. He was the cutest thing ever.  

What I Was Wearing 

For Eid I had bought Kurdish fabric that was made specifically for this day. The fabric I got is from Duhok (Siîka Duhokê). I had the dress made and wore it the first day of Eid. 

The Dress is a gray colour with purple designs with purple beads embedded with it. I loved this dress and the style of it, as I made it a Bahdini style dress (there is a string attached to the front of the dress). Unfortunately, the individual who made the dress made it a lot bigger than my actual size so the chest area was bigger than expected lol. 

Here are a bunch of pictures that I took from that day. I look so young because these were taken with my shitty ass iphone 4s in 2014. LOL 


During the days leading up to Eid, there are traditions that are often times practiced among the Kurdish homes. First being that people within a home make kadaz (picture shown below) 

These Kadaz are made with either coconut, walnuts, and dates. They are delicious and are often times made for Eid when people come to visit. During this Eid, all of the ladies in the house went in the kitchen and started making the Kadaz. I obviously had the best job ever which was to place the Kadaz on the tray. 

Another Tradition is....

another tradition that we have is adding Xena to our hands. This I've been doing ever since I was a young girl living in Winnipeg Manitoba. My mom used to add xena all over my hand and wrap it in cloth until the next morning, but I remember whenever I woke up the next morning my hands would feel like they are burning all over. My mom stopped putting it all over my hand and started just putting it on my finger tips (shown below). I did this in Kurdistan too with my cousins it came out really nice. I love this idea of xena during Eid because it is another way to spend time with family and celebrate. 

This recaps my Eid experience in Kurdistan, and all the things I saw, did and went through during the day. I hope we can all experience Eid in Kurdistan and continue to share experiences like this with family.

I hope you enjoyed a recap on my Eid experience in Kurdistan. 

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If you guys want to see a minimalistic makeup look that I mentioned as a tip when you are celebrating Eid in Kurdistan let me know down below and I can possibly start a new series on the website! 

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