How To Achieve The Perfect Glow


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I'm back with another blog post to let you know how amazing these products are (which I am constantly using) to get the perfect glow. A gorgeous glow that is amazing  in the summer and all year round. If you want me to do more blog posts like this comment below other ideas that you want to see from me. 

How I Achieved The Perfect Glow: 
Step 1: When you are finished blending like no tomorrow with your base (foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer/contour) I go in with the Pixi Glow Mist that I purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart, which has Propolis & Argan Oil. I spray it all over my face and when I'm done I use a fan to dry the product down. This spray alone gives you a beautiful glow from within, but I do go in with powder highlighters to give me more of an intense and wet highlight. 

Step 2: After I'm down spraying my face and using the fan to dry the product I go in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in "That Glow". I've definitely mentioned this palette before, but I use it EVERYDAY for my perfect glow. This palette though I believe is not sold anymore comes with four shades, the first shade on the top left is "SUNBRUST" then comes "GOLDEN BRONZE", "BUBBLY" and "DRIPPING IN GOLD". If you know me or have seen my snapchats you know my highlighter brush is always in the shade bubbly . I apply that shade all over the areas you usually highlight, I do not go too hard with this product as I am going to go in with another highlighter after. When I'm done applying the shade bubbly from the palette I go in with SunBrust to highlight the bottom of my eyebrows, this is probably my favourite thing to do. 

Step 3: After applying the highlights from "That Glow" Palette I go in with another Anastasia Beverly Hills product, which is in collaboration with Amrezy (currently sold out on the ABH website). This is another product I've already talked about with my readers, but it is a product I use on the daily. I only use this product on the highest points of my cheeks, which goes on top of the bubbly highlight. I do not apply this product all over the other highlight just on the really high areas. Naturally when I smile my cheeks have a rounded shape to them and so I make sure to apply highlight to the cheeks where it gives me such a beautiful glow when I smile. 

Step 4: A trick I like to do is apply blush right after I apply my highlight. By doing this it removes any harsh lines that were created when I applied my bronzer/contour and my highlight on top. It is a perfect medium to blend all of the products I used together for a glowy, bronze and effortless look. 

Highlight Brushes I Use: 
Morphe R36
Morphe M510
Anatasia A23

Pictures I took With the Glow:


The perfect glow... Am I right? I took these photos in Burlington Ontario on Lakeshore. It was such a beautiful day, and I ended the adventures with my sister by going by the water and taking pictures. I had such a fun day, I had fish tacos this day from Beer Town and got some pretty good pictures too.
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