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If you would have seen my skin care routine a couple years ago I wouldn’t have had any serums to show. I had no idea how beneficial serums were until I randomly picked one up at Winners a couple months ago. Slowly I started growing my serum collection because I noticed such a sudden difference it made to my skin. My skin is very dry during the winter and being in Canada that is basically our weather most of the year and so I struggle a lot. These serums did the trick to help me tackle my dry skin and nourish it when I applying it to my face. If you’re someone who does not have any serums added to their skincare routine, definitely take the time to read this post and learn all about the ones I use then go out and get yourself some. Also if you’re someone who applies serum to their skin as apart of their skin care routine comment below letting me know which ones you use and why. I definitely could use another serum to try out, its an addiction!

Serums I use

I have a lot of Valjean Lab Facial Serums ($10.99 at Winners/Canada), the first one I use is the Revive Day Serum with vitamin C and peptides. The glass bottle comes in a 54 ml serum with vitamin C is said to help brighten, even out skin tone, and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides in the serum helps to encourage a smoother, and more lifted appearance to the skin when applying it daily. I apply a few drops of this serum onto my palms and smooth it out onto my skin after cleansing and exfoliating. I apply this in the morning when preparing for my skin. Applying this after cleansing and before moisturizing is a great added layer of nourishment to the skin that helps brighten and smoothes the skin.

The hydrate serum comes in a 60 ml glass bottle, It showcases the ingredients hyaluronic Acid and vitamin B5. This serum is said to maintain elasticity, retain moisture levels with hyaluronic acid + vitamin B5. The Sodium Hyaluronate and Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) is a main ingredient to tackle dry skin. I did see improvements in my skin, but not a drastic shift that stopped my dry skin from reoccurring throughout the day. It is a light weight serum that feels nice on the skin when applied, when applied you can tell that it has hydrated you skin. It promotes wound healing with panthenol and sodium hyaluronate, anti-aging with Citric Acid, and UV protection with benzophenone-4. usually apply this at night during my night time routine because of the hydration I need when sleeping. It is not an insanely amazing product because for the price you are getting what you are paying for. However, for an inexpensive serum I did see and feel changes to my skin. This is probably because I never tried serums before, but this was the first one I bought from this company before getting the rest of the them.

The glow serum comes in a 60ml glass bottle, it is a vitamin C and magnesium facial serum, which enhance radiance and evens out skin tone. The facial serum promotes anti-aging with the critic acid, and UV protection with benzophenone-4. This is probably my favourite serum when I want a really dewy and glowly makeup application. I haven’t used this during the summer time, but I really think it’s going to be my favourite serum when the season changes because it will provide a natural glow from within without having to apply makeup or highlighter. I only apply this occasionally and never on an every night basis like the other ones, but from what I’ve seen I really like what it does for my skin. I’ve been using Valjean facial serums since October now and they have worked well for me considering the price of these serums.

From what I read about these serums a lot of reviews suggest that they are really low in their active ingredients because of the discounted price they come in, which makes sense. You wont see drastic and crazy results, I think I saw some results because before this I never used a serum, but there were reviews that suggested that these facial serums did not do anything for them. Please take that into consideration.

The next product is Herbivore Phoenix Regenerating facial oil, this is probably my favourite product I’ve used on my face. It is 8 mL glass bottle, which supports the skins natural regenerating process at the cellular level within the skin. It works by supporting the natural collagen process and diminishes the look of fine lines with the combination of oils such as rose-hip, sea buckthorn, chia seed and CoQ10. I use this within my night routine as well, I’ve used it with other serums and by itself and it does exactly what it says. When I wake up I notice a clear and fresh look to my skin because of this regenerating oil, it definitely looks a lot healthier when I wake up compared to before I slept and I’m really impressed with it. I definitely want to try 'Lapis' Blue Tansy + Kukui Oil Balancing Facial Oil, and the 'Orchid' Youth Preserving Facial Oil just to see how they compare.

Last, but definitely not least is the Skin Science Hydrating Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid ($9.99 at Winners/Canada). It is a 59 ml glass bottle, which moisturizes the skin by boosting hydration and firms the skin. I usually like the other products apply 2-3 drops to the palm of my hand and gently massage face because I have dry skin I use this everyday and it definitely does a lot more for my skin than the Valjean Lab Facial Serums I mentioned. It is a a thick serum on the skin and it takes a few minutes for it to soak into the skin, often times when I do not want a really thick layer of this serum I will get the Valjean Hydration facial serum and add it along with it to make the serum a thiner consistency.

If you’re someone who does not want to spend crazy money on serums, but want to take care of your skin I’d try these products out. Though I know with skincare it can be tricky because what works for me might not work for you. However, I’ll suggest to my readers who are wanting to spend the money for a really good product is to look at the ingredients and find a product that has the main ingredients that the company themselves are advertising to be first on the list. For instance, the Skin Science hydrating face serum states it has hyaluronic acid, however it is the second last product listed in the ingredients list, which means you’re not getting a whole lot out of that specific ingredient.

I hope this was informative and helped. I myself am still learning about skin care and the benefits of it, though whatever I learn I will definitely share with my readers.


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