September Favourites

Welcome to a new series on my blog, this is where I talk about my love of makeup through sharing with you guys my favourite products were for the month of September. 🌈 ☁️ 

I have 7 products that I'm going to share with you guys that I've been absolutely loving for the month of September.  Starting with..... 



I purchased this foundation/CC cream from Sephora. Canadian Sephora's recently placed It Cosmetics in their store (I believe for a limited amount of time) so I had to grab my hands on this CC cream. I heard so many amazing things about it, once I tried it I knew what everything people were saying was true. 

This has been the perfect foundation/CC cream for me to apply when I go to school. It was very easy to apply because of the pump distributor and it applies easily to the skin. It is not full coverage, but a medium coverage allowing a light layer of cream to be applied to my face for those simple days.  It has become the number one thing I grab when getting ready for school because it leaves my skin very glowy and natural looking. The CC cream is able to last for a long time (I wore this for 6 hours at school and did not have to touch it up). 

Though the shade range was very limited at the Sephora I do believe that if you are able to find your match you get your hands on it.

Buy it here:

It Cosmetics CC cream in the shade medium



I'm pretty sure you know how amazing this bronzer is already. This is the Hoola bronzer by Benefit cosmetics and I am in love with it. When I bought this bronzer I would use it every time I would wear bronzer. I started to buy new bronzers because I wanted to test them out and see which one I would like. BUT.. I still managed to come back to this one and fall in love with it all over again. It gives such a beautiful bronze look even if you want to use this for your contour as well. it does not look muddy on the skin or patchy, which was something I had trouble with whenever it came to my bronzers. It is the perfect shade for me to apply to my skin tone because it isn't super dark and harsh, and it isn't super lit and unnoticeable. It comes with a small brush to apply the bronzer, but I use my Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Brush, which is AMAZING. πŸ–€ πŸ–€ πŸ–€ 

Buy it here:

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

HIGHLIGHTπŸ’« ⭐️  βœ¨ ⚑️


I've had the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in that glow for awhile now, but I just recently got back into using it. I do feel like these highlights are subtle in comparison to the other highlighters I use. The two highlighters that I mainly gravitate towards are "Sunburst" and "Bubbly". The highlighter Bubbly I would use on the highest points of my face, which is where people usually apply highlighter. Though for the highlighter Sunburst I use that under my brow bone pretty much all the time. Every time I have a highlight under my brows it's probably the Sunburst highlight and I LOVEE it. πŸ’« ⭐️ 🌟 ✨ ⚑️

Buy it here: 




I've been loving this Sleek Makeup highlighter palette. As every individual in 2017, I always get sucked in when my favourite YouTubers use makeup products that LOOK SOOO GOOD! This is one of the products. Though Sleek makeup recently launched in America, but I had to order this on Ebay. The highlighting palette comes with 1 cream highlight and 3 powder highlights. The highlights that I use the most are the 2 bottom ones. If I want more of a dramatic highlight and go crazy with I pick up this highlight and use it on the high points of my face. I love everything about this palette, the packaging, the mirror and the product itself I instantly fell in love❀️❀️  If you want a highlight that's dramatic, and that almost looks wet you definitely need this palette. It was not expensive at all and completely worth it. 

Buy it here: 

Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette



The Pixi Glow Mist is one of my favourite mists to use before applying my highlight. I will spray this all over my face before applying my highlight and it makes it stand out a lot more than if I had applied the highlighter without the mist. It's a good thing to have if you want to stay glowy and radiant all the time. For me, I have dry skin especially during the winter time so I apply this all the time just to help maintain and keep my skin glowy. Pixi has been one my favourite skincare brand Im hoping to get my hands on their glow serum and their rose oil blend, but for now, I will continue to use this cause its FIRE⚑️ πŸ”₯

Buy it here: 

Pixi Glow Mist




probably my first ever online makeup brand that I've never bought from so as any other person I had to buy the ILUVSARAHI x Colourpop collab. The first picture is her ultra stain lipstick in the shade 951 and the 2nd picture is her ultra glossy lip in the shade curvii. This has become my ideal lip combo. First I apply Dolce K by Kylie Cosmetics then I apply 951 allowing it to dry before applying Curvii gloss overtop. IT IS EVERYTHING TO ME!! I love the shade that is achieved with this combination you guys need to try it! πŸ’‹ πŸ‘„  

Buy it here: 

Dolce K Kylie Cosmetics

Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Curvii

Ultra Satin Lipstick in the shade 951

This is it for this months favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite products. 


Thank you all for the continued support and feedback on what I should do next or what I should change. I appreciate the constructive criticism and the positive feedback as well. 

Thank you/ Supas

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