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@katvondbeauty new Go Big Or Go Home mascara has easily become my favourite product to look at and to use. The mascara is created with plant based products, which also makes it vegan. I applied the mascara on my lashes and I really like how they look. Often times when applying layers of mascara your lashes can become clumpy and have them all stick to one another, but even with multiple layers the lashes were beautifully separated, creating volume, and amazing curls for my lashes. I received this complimentary gift to try out along with @katvondbeauty tattoo liner. The tattoo liner is really easy to use and apply, but I notice it isn’t as black as other products and it easily can be removed.


I’ve been using the mascara for a couple weeks now and fully tested it by wearing it out. I really like the packaging and that it is a vegan product. I love how it makes my flashes look because I don’t like the crazy lash, but a nice subtle lash for everyday and this gives me that. However, I find that it flakes a lot throughout the day, which is something I was testing out. Mascaras tend to flake, but when a brand is selling a mascara and it is KatVonD I expect way more. I really like the mascara and I’m probably going to continue using it because it was a gift, but I really wish it didn’t flake. I don’t want to lie and say it’s a great product when it’s not because I definitely don’t want someone spending their hard earned money on a product that I lie and say its good when it’s not. That isn’t fair or right, if you want to try this product see if you can get a sample of it or try testing it out using Sephoras testers with the clean brush.

Just a small update for you all.

Products were sent to be tested!

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