Confess my Obsession | Hydrated and Glowy


Hey Dreamers, I have another confession for you. My obsession with how to achieve hydrated and glowy skin to try and achieve the best skin possible not only to keep it healthy but for the perfect application of makeup. 

Primers|Primers are the best way to start when wanting to achieve hydrated and glowy skin for your makeup. Primers that are promoted to be hydrating and glowy are the best ones because they are created for that specific reason. Im obsessed with all different kinds of primers and my big thing is I tend to mix them because I'm still trying to experiment with what works best for me. Smashbox is probably the best option for me when looking at hydrating primers or oils to achieve what I'm obsessed with (being hydrated and glowy). With this Smashbox primer that I also mentioned on my other Confess my Obsession it is an oil-free and a lightweight texture, which helps fill in the lines and pores. It only primes the skin but moisturizes the skin too. The best option for primers and moisturizes would be either the Smashbox hydrating primer or the Smashbox photo finish primerizer

Another primer that is amazing is the Dr. Brandt Luminizer Primer which I received in my BoxyCharm. It is the perfect primer for a naturally radiant glow within before applying makeup. It only helps to luminize the natural glow of your skin, but it also blurs pores that we all have on our skin for a beautiful complexion. It does not have to be used before applying makeup, it can also be used alone to help bring out your natural glow. The texture is velvety cream with a lightweight consistency that won't feel too heavy on the skin for those perfect no makeup looks. 

Face Mask| My favorite face mask is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask I had purchased this mask in a set at Sephora with Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. This mask is amazing for dryness and uneven texture on the skin. Whenever I wear this before bed I wake up with my skin feeling that much more hydrated. It is able to refresh my skin and make it that much more glowy and bright. It is said it is infused with hydro ionized mineral water (replenish and lock in moisture.) and infused with orange flower, rose, and sandalwood, which helps soothes the look of your skin while you sleep. 

comment your favourite hydrating or lumizing products I should try

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