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These have been my ultimate favourite products when doing my skin care routine. These products have not only helped reduce my texture and pores, but have brought more hydration back to my skin. I’m obsessed with how they make my skin look and even feel, every time I use these products I know that it has done something to my skin to make it feel fresh and clean. Without these products in my skincare routine I really don’t know where my skin would be at this moment, which is why I’m finally sharing with you. Let’s get started…

My Favourite Products

The @firstaidbeauty face cleanser (226g) which removes surface oils, makeup, dirt and grime. I use this on my face and rub it in for 60 seconds to remove any dirt that I have on throughout the day. It doesn’t feel harsh on the skin at all and leaves my skin very smooth when I continue with my skin care routine. This bottle has lasted me a LONG time because I don’t apply a lot of it to the face. It’s allergy tested and suited for individuals with sensitive skin too. This has been my go to product when I’m wanting to remove any makeup that I know is still on my face after removing it with a makeup wipe. If you’re wanting a product that can clean dirt, oil, makeup and anything in between and actually feel it on the face you need this product. Right after using it you can tell how much fresh, and clean the face feels.

The @firstaidbeauty ultra repair cream (226g) helps to give hydration back into the skin, which is something I need. With my dry skin I’ve seen this help a lot because it is specifically used for dry parched skin. I’ve used this not only on my face but parts of my body that are dry. It really helps to hydrate the skin and leave it smooth and fresh. It is not a heavy product because I use a fairly small amount, which is why it has lasted me so long. I’m obsessed with these products together and on their own. It is very hydrating and when I know I need a lot of hydration to my face I definitely will pick this up to use and apply.


The @drbrandt products pores no more purifying mask (30g) is one that I use on my T-zone areas, which often times is where my pores reside. I will use this on my nose, around my nose, forehead, and chin to get rid of any white and black heads that have been there due to the oils that T-zone will produce naturally. This is a really great product and over time I’ve seen the pores on my nose decrease. I’ve used this multiple times on those areas I’ve mentioned and it has helped to reduce the large pores and inflammation I would get if I didn’t use anything to get rid of it. This is a light texture and it asks to use a very thin layer, when spreading the product on the face it turns into a blue/white colour because of blue beads that are in the product. It does not burn for me, and when I wash it off I instantly feel my pores to be smoother than before.

The @drbrandt products pore perfecting exfoliator (60g) is another product that has easily become my favourite. This is an exfoliating product that also helps to reduce pores on the face. I’ve used this product multiple times to exfoliate my face due to the texture and to reduce the look of pores on my face. It has definitely helped both problem areas of my face. The directions of this product are somewhat annoying because you have to scrub for 1-2 minutes then leave it for a couple minutes before washing it off, but other than that there is nothing bad I have to say about this product, which is why I’ve mentioned it in this blog post.

@laneigeca water sleeping mask (15ml) is another one of my favourite products. This product applies intense hydration overnight, which could not be more perfect for me. It is a light weight formula that feels amazing on the face especially when applying it before bed. You can instantly feel the hydration. My face has looked amazing in the morning when I applied it during the night, I’m slowly running out of this product, which I’m extremely sad about. I bought this in a small value set with another Laneige product, but this one was my favourite and helped me a lot to maintain the hydration to my skin and apply more hydration when I needed it.

If you’re wanting to test out these products let me know how they work for you. It can be tricky to find products that work for your skin, but if these work or if they don’t I’d love to read why they did or didn’t. Also if you’ve tired them before I’d love to see how they worked for you. These products are my favourite that I’ve implemented in my skin care routine, most products can be purchased off Sephora. However, the Dr. Brant products I received in my BoxyCharm when I use to be subscribed to their packages.

If you want to read more about various products I use in my skin care routine let me know. Comment what steps you want to see and I can show you various products I use for that specific step. I’ve already posted a blog post on the various serums I’ve used CLICK HERE to read.

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