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My “Everyday makeup look” has definitely changed throughout the years. I am that person who will spend so much time on her makeup during the first couple days of school, but after September I will walk into class without any makeup. Let me know if that isn’t just me and that I’m not alone in cat fishing everyone the first couple days. I think the easier the makeup look is the better because honestly after the first week of school everything starts to become much more stressful and harder to handle. Not spending so much time on your makeup will give you a lot more time to either do homework or think to yourself what kind of excuse can you give to skip class (I do not condone skipping).


The primer I use for my everyday makeup is either the Smashbox Primer Water or the Fenty Beauty Primer. The Smashbox primer is a really good one to use when you’re in a rush, but if you have a bit more time the Fenty Primer is my favourite, it also smells really good too. I usually apply it after cleansing and moisturizing my face, when I apply I wait the primer to dry or for it to get tacky. The Fenty primer noticeably gets tacky when you touch your face, which I think is a clear sign that a primer is doing what it’s suppose to be doing, thats why I like it.


For eyebrows I use to spend so much time and energy on getting it the perfect shape no matter the type of makeup I was doing. However, lately all I’ve been doing is applying Anastasia Beverly Hill’s (ABH) brow gel and sometimes the brow definer in Ebony. I noticed how full my eyebrows are and if I spend so much time and product on my eyebrows they usually look boxed and I want a more natural look. Using the ABH brow gel keeps my hairs in one spot because they are fairly long and tend to move around. When I do use my brow definer I usually just define my arch on my brows and the lower part of my eyebrow to make a natural straight line, this is when I have the energy to do so. Another product that I use is the tinted brow gel with microfibers from Tonya Crooks called the browgal.


For foundation I use the Tarte Shape Tape concealer in light neutral for a foundation. This is definitely easier for me when Im in a rush, I apply the concealer in areas that I know I want to be covered and use my real techniques expert face brush to buff that into my skin. It is such an easy and fast step for me and saves me a lot of time in the morning especially when I gotta wake up early. The foundation brush definitely saves me a lot of time because of how dense the brush is, it’s able to blend the product into my skin a lot faster than using a fluffy brush.

Concealer/Setting powder

For actual concealer I use the Urban Decay Naked concealer in the shade fair/warm it is somewhat light concealer that I apply to my under eyes and sometimes the other areas of my face that I want to highlight. This concealer not only smells so good (I LOVE THE SMELL), but with the light concealer it is able to open up my face so much more. Giving me a more awake face when I’m half asleep trying to pay attention in my morning classes. I use the same real techniques expert face brush to buff out the concealer as well to make things a lot easier and faster for me (key words in this blog post. After concealing, I usually take my mac studio fix setting powder in NC30 all over my face to set it and add more coverage, which is a very fast step that saves me a lot more time.


After setting all the cream products on my face with the powder I go in with the Hoola Bronzer from benefit all over the specific areas of my face to bronze with the Morphe M530 . I then go with my Colourpop super shock highlight in Lunch money on the high points of my face, I like using this highlight with the Morphe M510 because it is very easy to use and has a very wet texture to it when I apply it to my face. It does not have crazy pigment and very easy to blend into the skin so it can be very natural for an everyday look, next I’d go in with my blush. The blush I use is Urban Decay Amazonian Clay blush in “paaarty” with my real techniques blush brush. I do this step last to blend the bronzer and highlight with the blush to blend away any harsh lines that I might have had on my face from applying the products.

Mix it all together and you get the best of both worlds - Hannah Montana


I usually do nothing with my eyes, I don’t like to wear mascara on an everyday basis because I hate the feeling and I hate trying to take mascara off when removing my makeup at the end of the night so I pretty much just avoid it. I tend to focus more on my skin when doing my makeup and less on the eyes, which is why I love the natural look. To set my face though I use Mac fix plus and the Colourpop amber crystal setting spray that I got in a set at Sephora (CLICK HERE). I’ve also recently been using the Body shop rose spray on my face to melt everything into the skin as well.

This is my everyday makeup routine for University, sometimes school stresses me out to the point where I can’t even hide any acne that I have or my under eye circles so I don’t even bother trying to hide it, but for the most part this is my routine in the mornings. I hope you enjoyed and learned something on how to simplify your steps for the morning to get the no makeup makeup look. ITS SO EASY!

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