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Hey there my Gûls, 

Just here on my monthly posts to give you guys what I have been loving for December. I feel like every month I'm here telling you guys how crazy this month went by, but honestly winter break is almost over. I'm starting school on Monday. THIS MONTH WENT BY SO FAST BUT... I feel like its been forever since I went back to school (its weird).

Anyway, my December favourites were only a small amount of products because I spent my winter break in my bed writing for you guys and watching Netflix. They are still amazing products that I have been loving and tried it out on myself before letting you all know. 

Lets Get Started..


Yes, I need to stop purchasing makeup. Will I stop? No! lol. I was watching Amanda Ensing's Youtube videos where she used this Elf bronzer  duo in St. Lucia It looked so beautiful on her I had to try it for myself and with the price being so inexpensive I did not hesitate. I bought this and tried it immediately. Safe to say I love it. The bronzer looks so beautiful on the skin, and the blush isn't a crazy colour that is hard to wear. The duo works amazing together and separately. Honestly for the price it is an amazing product that you guys definitely need to try for yourself. The price allows the experience for individuals to try without being so worried about the money they are spending and the stress that someone might feel. 

The Next Product...


Is this beautiful thing right here. I got this in my December Boxycharm subscription box. It is a Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain. Though they did not provide the lip shade I figured it was the one that was called "Waltz" 
I wore this shade when I went to visit my sister and it went beautifully with my makeup look. Not only that it dried very quickly I was surprised by how quick it was able to dry because I was in a rush to get ready (what else is new). Though I'd say that with eating (ALOT) the shade did not last the whole day I did have to reply it. This did not bother me personally, which is why it quickly became my favourite for December. 

The Next Product..


This beautiful, colourful and amazing palette is probably my number one favourite for December. I bought this palette (when it was on sale) for $8.00 USD. It was a struggle to ship it out to Canada (with shipping fees) but it was worth it. The palette is pigmented and a really nice palette to get yourself comfortable with colour. I was dying to find a palette with colourful eye shadows so I can practice colourful looks on myself so I bought this Modern Mattes - 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette and the Foil Eyes - 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette 
They worked perfectly with each other being that if you wanted a shimmer shade on your lid to match the matte shadows in this palette it worked, which is why I purchased both of them when they were on sale. Though the palette quality is not good seeing that I dropped this palette and the shadow instantly broke. You are definitely paying what you are getting. Meaning this is not like the Sephora collection warm palette that I bought in my Sephora VIP Haul but it is definitely worth a try. You can easily blend the shadows on your lid and there is no drastic change in the pigment when you apply it to your eye vs swatching on your fingers.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post on my December Favourites. If you want to see what I've been loving for November, October, and September just click HERE 

Thank you!

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