"My passions are what shapes me. My identity is built on my roots that I continue to place and nurture in my homeland. Without Kurdistan I would be an individual that did not know there was a lion growing inside of her."

- Alê

My name is Alê. I love Kurdistan and my people, as I created this website to share my stories and my love for Kurdistan. Some written work I've transferred from my Instagram account that I wrote couple years back, others I've written and edited myself. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy telling stories that have impacted my life, my education, my love, and my passion for Kurdistan. 

I am from Bashurê Kurdistanê as my parents are from different villages/tribes in the Behdinan districts. I speak Bahdinî mostly, though I'm still learning the proper Latini words when writing Kurdish. As well, I do not know how to write in Kurdish, but I am hoping to learn soon. I go to University and soon will become a teacher, I hope to transfer my knowledge to go back to Kurdistan and teach the younger generation.

I never enjoyed reading or writing as a child because I never really understood the love for it, however after finding my love for Kurdistan I could not stop reading or writing about the stories that shaped my parents life and my life. When writing about Kurdistan I enjoy writing about my parents stories and the journey they went through. I enjoy writing about my passions/love that I have for my people through my experiences of Kurdistan.

I have also transferred my love for my homeland to showcase my love for the fashion and the culture along with it. As a young Kurdish woman I love showcasing Kurdish dresses that I've worn to events. As well as pictures of my travels to Kurdistan, which I enjoy every time. 

I hope you learned a little more about me and why I created this website. I love experimenting with different things such as makeup, fashion and culture. I hope you continue to read and subscribe to never miss what I want the world to know about me and my beautiful homeland Kurdistan. 

- Thank you