(a long-over due dream)

My name is Alê, I am 23 years old living in Canada longing for my roots in Kurdistan. I was born and raised in Canada, but my parents were refugees, people who survived genocide and war. They came to Canada in 1995 during the Anfal Campagin lead by Saddam Hussien and Chemical Ali against the Kurds in south Kurdistan known to the outside world as Northern Iraq.

I’ve always lived on paper, I lived to write about my experiences on paper with dollar store journals I would buy with the change I took from my mothers wallet without her knowing. Writing about my every experience that I lived as a young teenager, writing about every dramatic and now forgettable experiences in middle school. A Kurdish woman who always kept her dollar store journals as a diary hidden in her mothers drawer even after her sister found it ripped it up. One who moved past the journey to the dollar store with her zip-lock bag of change to find an online world called Instagram as a way to enter each journal entry to allow ones emotions to be expressed. One who slowly turned Instagram into a Kurdish dream that I created and continuing to fight for.

A Kurdish woman who is still writing diary entries of her life, but this time for the world to see. One who still stays up late on most occasions to write another diary entry in her notes on her phone to tell another story about her experiences and who she is. And who still Youtube’s “Kurdistan Vlogs” or plugs in her external hard drive when its just one of those days when she misses seeing the mountains and her family.

To all the dreamers out there, this is for you.